Monday, June 4, 2012

Bridal Mehandi

Bridal Mehandi is treated as one of the important part of Indian marriages which is considered as a charm for marriage ceremonies. In west also, fashion of mehandi is becoming famous day by day where their decorations are given a different name as “henna tattoos”.

Patterns and designs of bridal mehandi may be considered as the most important aspect for selecting it. Whenever we talk about Mehndi for brides, first name that comes across our mind henna designs.

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There are many types of mehandi as follows:

Indian Mehandi - Drawn like a story containing symbols and suggestions
Arabic Mehandi - Floral designs having spaces are drawn
Asha Salva Mehandi - Most popular in newer trends
Pakistani Mehandi - It is detailed and intricate type
African Mehandi - Geometrical patterns are mainly included

One of the best ideas for choosing mehandi design is to have a look at the outfit of bride and to incorporate those ideas into the patterns of mehandi.

Now a new fashion of applying mehandi to bridegroom have also come up, so get ready for more newer ideas for your marriage and for starting new fashions.

There are some ways to have good effect of mehandi which includes consistency checking of the paste when the henna is being applied. Make bold designs at the center of the palm and always make precise outline. The design and the pattern should be figured out, so for this leave spaces in between when making designs.

It is always better to do the work of mehandi 2-3 days before as after removing mehandi, it reaches it’s highest color peak after around 48 hours. At least for 6 hours, bridal mehandi has to be on and apply lemon sugar 2-3 times. Mehndi should be protected from water after scraping for at least 2-3 hours.

If we talk about traditional designs, then sun’s picture representing the mind and drawing the groom’s name among the patterns of peacocks, flowers, etc can be considered. Thus there are a variety of ways for making your mehandi and your celebrations beautiful and unique.

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