Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chandelier Wedding Theme

One of the popular theme that has become trait of wedding season and provides an elegant feel to your wedding is – CHANDELIER WEDDING THEME. 

Chandelier Wedding Theme

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Chandeliers have pop up everywhere and with every materialistic thing they have pop up in the hearts of people and thus in the world of Wedding.

If you are looking for the Class and modishness within your wedding, then you are suggested to have a look upon the ideas for Chandelier Theme and if you like these, then you may apply this theme in your wedding.

Firstly, starting from the invitation, Ebony Chandelier chic invitation along with scuttlebutt impression and Chandelier invitation in black color with a hanging down chandelier print on that are good options for Chandelier Invite.

Brilliant chandeliers and lamps provides grace to your marriage by using them creatively. A large variety for these is available in the market today including 3 tier and 4 tier diamond chandelier from which you may choose according to your style.

Modern fabric chandelier looks great with fashionable decorations of wedding ceremony or reception. Multi tier chandelier is ample to add glamour to the wedding.

Modern fabric chandelier

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Chandelier centerpieces having an impression of pearls, crystals or clear beads is one of the option which cannot be compared with any other centerpiece in its marvelous look and can be easily positioned anywhere and at any location especially aisle arrangements.
Favor boxes, wedding seals, place cards and even on napkins, the chandelier impact can be given by having imprint of Chandelier on all of these. This will look awesome and provides a really cool look of the theme everywhere which is finally your motto behind applying the idea of wedding theme.

Siver chandeliers earrings, Palladium plated earrings, Square chandelier earrings for bride and bridesmaids provide a chandelier silhouette which has become very trendy.

To add a jittery classic glamour to any outfit, an astonishing shade of blue and white crystal color can be chosen for creating a brilliant glittering and refreshing effect and is according to the theme.

To add up an excellent taste in decoration, Favors of Chandelier Coaster especially the Mirrored Glass Coasters can be used which will light up the whole scene.

Mirrored Glass Coasters

Your celebration can be reached to a personalized and unforgettable effect with the use of Chandelier Wine Glasses that can be made personalized with the design of your choice may be with your names and date of our wedding as signatures on those.

Light up your wedding with Chandelier effect and make a gleaming and radiant scenario…

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