Monday, June 25, 2012

Disney Wedding Theme

Have you founded your Prince Charming??? Are you preparing for a wedding that is speckled with sprite dust and magical effect from beginning to end? If this is so.. then a perfect theme for you is – DISNEY WEDDING THEME.


With  passion for a fairy style, bold and  bright  colors, fascinating characters, a mixture of romance and fun, finicky effect can be created in the hearts of all.

If you love fairy tale endings which are happy, then you have a great option of incorporating Disney characters like Winnie-the Pooh, Donald and Goofy, Mickey and Minnie into your wedding for translating your wedding into whimsy…

Firstly, the most important thing to plan is to decide whether you want to focus on one particular story of Disney like Snow White and want to have a feel of it or you want a general Disney Theme including bits of many movies and characters. We will suggest you to use particular story if you want an absolutely mysterious effect but for this you have to make greater efforts to put all the things correctly.

If you are a fan of  couples  of  Cinderella  and  Prince Charming,  Aladdin and Jasmine, then you have to go totally romantic and must pay reverence to these couples.

Walt Disney is considered to be the most happiest place on earth if you could be able to plan for it. Or you may choose for a castle which is shown in so many fairytales. Fantasyland or Frontier land can be choosen if you got inspired by Disney Themed park and may fabricate your wedding around them.

Disney Themed park
Disney Themed park 
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How do you feel by seeing an invitation card containing wishy-washy colored picture of Winnie with a smile on the front and honey jar printed inside showing that Winnie has found his honey? You may also think of creative ideas including the best character of your choice with imagery of fairy…

As far as dresses is concerned, you can find for the perfect fairytale dress from Disney movies and books like Cinderella gown for the bride. Black and white tuxedo containing romantic Disney leads like Prince Charming with Disney ties can be chosen for bridegroom.

Create cake in the shape of Magic castle which focuses on the Disney characters of wedding theme on its highest tower. Bright and primary shades of colors can be chosen for tables which will complement with flower colors and implement the theme.

Disney ties can be given to men and Disney jewellery to women guests. Mickey and Minnie and other cartoon characters snow globes can be given to childrens receiving which they will become very happy.

To add a sparkle to the occasion, toys and stuffed animals should be added in the party theme. Emblazon helium balloons with your favorite Disney characters looks awesome in this type of occasion.

 toys and stuffed animals
 toys and stuffed animals

Are you a fan of Snow White??? Then this idea is for you – Find seven garden gnomes and place them outside near the entrance as dwarves, so that everybody entering will be able to get an idea about the theme of wedding.

At last, more of the things depends on your creativity and passion for Disney characters and Disney wedding theme…

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