Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Haute Bride chandelier latest arrival

Bridal chandelier latest collection represents the fabulous performance and hard slog of Haute Bride’s gorgeous salon. Check out for all the collections of Haute Bride which will amaze you by its standout statement…

Haute Bride chandelier cushion cut design earrings, EC412  has taken place on the cover page of Fall 2012 issue of Today’s Bride and this is unbelievable. 

Taerdrop Swarovski cushion cut crystals earring are on the pave to come up as a new trend and has been given a stunning bezel by Haute Bride that are sufficient to provide the bride an extravagant look. The dimensions which have been set up for these are 2.5 inches L, 3/4 inches W. The shipping is done within 2-3 days. The model number for this swarovski rhinestone chandelier earrings is EC913.

Swarovski crystals have been given a finishing with three beautiful fresh water pearl drops covers up Filigree design that is provided in various shapes and sizes. This innovation has been done by Hollywood glam collection of Haute Bride.

EC929 Swarovski vine chandeliers and freshwater pearl ribbon head along with the features of SAXONY gown designed by Matthew Christopher has been given eulogized by all.

Haute Bride Earrings EC701, has also been introduced along with others which is stunning and brand new choice.

Custom earrings of royal blue chandelier style are designed with Swarovski crystals and they provide something blue from Haute Bride’s choice that may become your choice.

The features that has been provided to this newly arrived collection is finest lacing and features that is difficult part to work upon. The chandelier collection will compliment with all of your dresses and gives you a spectacular look.

Haute Bride has earned a big name as a tailoring bridal salon and tailoring accessories which is due to its different and unique style.

2012 Haute Bride’s next trunk gown show will be going to be held on 22-24 June, 2012 in Los Gatos salon and designed by Kenneth Pool.

Now wait for the next collection that is coming up next to amaze you a bit extra than this time. So, get ready for this…

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