Friday, June 15, 2012

Lighting Ideas for Wedding

Front seat in case of weddingis always taken by decoration and lighting as without the mixture of pomp and show, the event will not be able to move…

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Wedding venue should be decorated with lights such that your guests can’t stop themselves from appreciating the wonderful effect. After all, a light decorated house is a symbol of wedding.

A large variety of choices that are available for lighting which includes String lights, Chandeliers, LED lights, Floating Candles, Parasols, Hanging Lanterns, Battery operated lights for table decoration, Curtain lights (provides backdrop effect), Twinkle lights, Floralytes, Parken lights (provides focused lighting), Halogen lights (provides flood lighting) and Solar lights for exterior usage.

Special day becomes sparkling day that scatters its spark on all with the help of an amazing mixture of the above given options and the theme of your choice that can be created by your combination.

The ideas which you may follow to create a magical effect are as follows:

  • Stage should be lightened with vibrant colored lights which would create a theatrical look. For giving it a romantic touch, diyas and candles may be used
  • Template designeffects can be given to the path that lead to the main wedding area or entrances with the help of carpet and tunnel lighting as these areas should be properly illuminated.
  • Ferry and flood lighting would give the outdoor of the building or home an enhancing look. Starry and glittery effect can be given to ceilings.
  • Dynamic lightingshould be used for Dance floor for rocking it up.
Set the theme and mood with the help of colored lightning. Different colors can be used for lighting like yellow, magenta and pink for giving flattering look,  soft colors on walls and blue for giving striking look.

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For making the whole function entertaining and interactive, LCD giving a live projection can be used. Light intensity and colors sets up the mood of the occasion, otherwise a dull environment is felt by all.

By applying all these ideas you are able to embellish the wedding place and also to add splendor with the help of lavish and plentiful lights. So, light up your new beginning…

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