Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wedding Cake

Cutting the Wedding Cake in front of all of  yours friends and  family is  the moment filled with inner joy and bliss and is an incomparable feeling...

Wedding cake
Wedding cake

Wedding cake is one of those things that takes its own space in wedding reception that is glazed upon by all as you cut the very first slice of the wedding cake.

A lot of choices which starts your mouth watering includes the following:

Croquembouche - It is a French traditional type of cake which consists of a gush of toffees on the cone of profiteroles to which chocolate, ribbons, almonds can be added.

Chocolate cake - A mouth-watering feeling comes by only listening the name of this cake and if decorated with lace style than it is awesome.

Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

Cupcake wedding cake - A lot of popularity has been given to this type of cakes as an alternative which are available in a variety of flavors and many types of flowers, initials and symbols can be included in their frosting.

Cheese cake - It consists of many  layers of cheese with a large disk on its base and smaller layers on upper part. 

Traditional style of tiered wedding cake is opted by some couples, but the couples who are of adventurous type chooses a unique wedding cake or cupcakes. 

Choose the wedding cake that will be matched with your the style and theme of wedding. Search for newer ideas related to wedding cake from magazines, online sites, bakers displays and from other places...

Real flowers can be used for decorating the wedding cake giving it a natural touch but make sure that the flowers are the non toxic one. Fresh berries and fruits can be added to wedding cake which will provide both the artful look and great taste. Creamsicle, coconut and red velvet can be used for cake flavors which are childhood favourites.

Real flowers cake
Real Flowers Cake

Filling of wedding cake is as important as the selection of the cake. More choices of fillings of cake will provide a choice of serving the  cake as buffet to your guests.

If you are going to get married in summer, than make sure that you are not too late in the booking of your wedding cake by highly demanded cake makers as they were busy at this time. 

These ideas will help you in creating a wedding cake which will give you a tasteful and awesome experience that you will never forget...

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