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One style of Mehndi that describes the floral designs very elegantly and is very diverse and popular is – ARABIC MEHNDI DESIGN

Arabic Mehndi Design
Arabic Mehndi Design

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Arabic Mehndi is a very popular and diverse all over the world and the special name is given to it as it consists of floral designs in between which open spaces are leaved which provides it an arabic style look. 

Arabic mehndi is  very popular because of the beautiful pattern which are drawn on the hands of women which consists of the ever beautiful looking patterns of flowers which are just loved by everybody.

Beautiful flowers with leaves and vines are drawn in which you may have bail design going down your arm or leg giving it a natural touch. The patterns like peacocks and faces are not included in this design of Mehndi.

Intricasy and detailedness is lesser in this type of Mehndi but inspite of this it is looks very fabulous. In this design, it is not needed to fill your hands and feet fully with the design and it may consists of bold and colored mehndi.

The patterns which are drawn are not very complicated one, instead they are simple one and it more convenient and easier to apply these on your hand if compared from other styles of mehndi.

The patterns are easy to draw but if you want to have this pattern on your hand in wedding then you must consult an skilled artist as the neatness and beautifulness is depended on the expertise of the artist.

The bold designs of flowers are easy to make and apply and also you don’t have to think much while choosing from the list of patterns as the list is also very refined, so you may choose very easily.

Designs for Arabic Mehndi
Designs for Arabic Mehndi

Every women has a craze for mehndi mostly Asian womens and girls which considers it as a necessary custom to follow in marriages and which increases their charm also.

You may search from books, magazines and other sources and may look for newer designers for hiring them for your wedding. And we are also present here to provide you with more stuff of ideas...

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