Thursday, July 5, 2012

Beach Wedding Theme

Beachside wedding offers you fun and magical backdrop besides providing ambiance of Wedding. So, if you are planning for such exciting event then start getting exhilarating from now onwards…

Beach Wedding Theme
Beach Wedding Theme
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You have always envisioned of a grand type of wedding to have and if you set up your mind to choose the theme of Beach wedding on a flourishing island then it will be converted into a reality of a dream.

A tropical location, a beach house, or a venue by the sea may be chosen as the wedding destination. One amazing idea is to arrive at the wedding location or beach on a boat and this will going to be more fun…

Invitation can be made according to the theme by embossing starfish, sea horse or sea shells patterns on them or binding shells with your invitation cards.

You should map out for an asile way upto the place of taking your vows through sand with rose petals, pebbles, flowers and the most important sea shells as the border of the way. Just imagine the beautiful moment…

On the arrival of the guests you may greet them with sunscreen, welcome booklet and beach blanket for a full feel that they have come up for a wedding theme event!!

A heart shape giant stage can be drawn in the sand and can be outlined with flowers and shells and vows can be taken in the middle of it. This seems amazing!!!

Have a detailed look of the wedding place before wedding to have an idea of the location for making out most form photography point of view, so that your hard slog should not go waste.

The girls have a choice of wearing evening dress of floaty summer along with decorative sarongs of silk and boys have an option to go with Hawaiian shirt or white linen with bare foot giving a casual look. It is not necessary to have casual look but it looks cool…

Floating lilies, lotus flowers, orchids, hibiscus, decorative lighthouses, chocolates of shell shaped or guest’s name iced on the cookies of animal shapes are great choices for the bomboniere. To impress your guests more, maritime style cord can be used for tying the bomboniere and can be decorated with real shells.

For casting a soft and romantic radiance, eyelet stuff or fabric can be wrapped around pillar candles. Fill sand, pebbles and shells along with flowers in the vases for table decoration. To make it more effective, frangipani flowers of floating type can be used in the low vases.


Blue color is considered to be a beach wedding inspiring color but green, silver and burnt oranges can be matched along with it.

Surf boards can be used by hanging them on the wedding venue walls and vases containing shells and sand can be placed around the location and in between. Real palm trees can be used and can be placed around the main seating area for the guests.

Oysters, caviar and prawns as a seafood buffet is a must choice to follow after roving entrée having a stand up food of cocktail. You may try for some feast of South Pacific type or Hawaiian Luau. Exotic cocktail serving is must along with the flavor of pineapple, cherry and umbrellas. After all this is done for enjoying!!!

A wedding DJ as the Beach boys look, like Hawaiian band, can be hired for playing music of island style with stylish flowers around their necks.

You may follow all or some of these ideas depending on your choice but the ultimate thing is that how much you are able to enjoy the day…

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