Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bridal Bangles

An important aspect of Indian women in the fashion arsenal and an essential part of ornament treasure of bride is – BRIDAL BANGLES

Brida Bangles
Bridal Bangles
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Bangles are considered as an integral and essential part of Indian marriages along with some other ornaments. Even it’s not only just a tradition but a measure of pride and esteem for some of the Indian families and their status is also signified by the bangles.

Most famous are the glass bangles, gold bangles or silver bangles among brides but now a combination of both has come up in fashion. Diamond studded bangles are also an option and looks fabulous but they are expensive. Personalized bangles according to specific tradition of the families is another option and is according to your rituals.

Gold bangles ranges from simple, plain style to the complex and artistic styles in which precious stones like pearls, diamonds and gems are studded.

Intricate designs and elegant patterns make bangles look beautiful and by providing perfect cut and fine finish they can be made unique. Polish is also done to provide shine that is long lasting.

Many of the precious materials including silver, gold, ferrous, plastic, wood, lakh, metal, polki and glass covers a large variety used for making of bangles.

Modernization has changed the way of fashion trends and as a result of this, lighter bangles that are made of plastic in spite of heavier bangles that are made of glass has gained popularity.

Adding more in this, multi colored beads and stones are used to embellish these lighter bangles which makes them perfect for brides by providing them a marvelous look.

One more benefit of bangles from the stylish point of view is that bangles adds glamour to outfit of the bride. Awesome and beautiful designs are available in the market with innumerable designs and colors.

With all other things one thing is sure that bangles will enhance the beauty of the bride…

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