Tuesday, July 17, 2012

'Wedding drinks' Cheers for the Couple

Wedding has a special trend and just like it wedding drinks have also a fashion becoming an essential part to be served in both the alcoholic and non alcoholic ways….

wedding drinks
Wedding Drinks

Alcohol is involved in most of the wedding drinks for serving to the guests. So, you have to make arrangements for that and you will find no difficulty in this work if the venue of wedding is a hotel where you will find all the arrangements for the drinks. 

The only thing you need to decide if you are having the wedding in hotel is the choice of the drinks that are going to be served as you know the choice of your guests better than the people who are making arrangements. 

If the location of the wedding is any gazebo, then you will require some more planning in which you have to purchase all the stuff of drinks by yourself and transportation should be also have to be done by you to the destination place.

After this, the second thing to plan is to have a staff for serving for which one option is to deal with the caterers and having a deal with them for serving the wedding drinks also. One trendy option is provided by the caterers who may run a small bar at some corner of the food department area. 

You do not have to worry much if the location is chosen by the side if a bar then your work will be easily done without taking much difficult.

Welcome your guests in the wedding with the help of drinks which will make them refresh for the later events and make them feel good. Whisey, Scotch, Rum, Tequila, Red wine, Beer, Vodka, Sweet vermouth, Champagne, Bourbon are the standards which should be maintained in a bar and so for your guests.

Glasses full of Beer
Glasses full of Beer

Champagne is a conventional choice and sparkling wine can become a substitute for this if you want to prefer it over the former choice. Lemonade and pimms which is generally served in long glasses works well for summer season wedding. These are the alcoholic choices but along with these you have to make sure that non alcoholic option is there as all the guests are not fond of alcoholic drinks and one safe bet for this is the orange juice.
One type of each of ale and lager is sufficient for beer perspective and serving of ale should be served in glasses and lager are easier to be handled out in bottles.

There should be the choices for soft drinks which may include lemonade, coke, Cranberry juice, Strawberry Banana Smoothie, Pineapple juice, Watermelon juice and orange juice which seems to be compulsory. Coffee and tea should be there as many guests are fond of these and of course water and many more… 

Beer and wine are the fine choices to include as compared to the spirit option as you never know the amount of mixers you are going to need in this case. 

The wine can be served at the time when the meal is served, so you may choose the wine matching the food stuff. One good idea is to have different taste of wine at the time of meal and the other one for the rest of the evening so that the guests not get bored from the same stuff.

Different Wedding Drinks
Different Wedding Drinks
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 Keep one thing in mind that there might be the case that the drink of your choice might not be favored by most of your guests like German Rieslings might be your favorite one but that may not be liked by your guests. So, do not try to do this type of experiment with the tastes of your guests and serve the mostly opted chosen drink...

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