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Indian Wedding Catering

Bhajias, Chicken biryani, Bean and spinach korma, Sabudana Vada, Tandoori chicken skewers, Bread Pakoda Sandwiches, Baida Roti, Samosa, Kababs, Steamed Momos, Chicken Tikka, Indian spiced red lentil soup, Tomato and chicken korma curry… Some of the names of Indian dishes which will surely make your mouth-watering…

Indian Dishes
Indian Dishes
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Lovely and luxurious food is the proud of Indian catering besides the pageantry celebrations and sumptuous decoration which makes it special…

These and many more can be added to your wedding recipes according to your flavor and for this you will be provided all the ideas here. Lets get started…

The first and foremost thing to decide is set up the menu list which should be decided by considering the amount of the budget for catering. And after that you have to decide a good Indian caterer who will take care of all the arrangements after that. 

The commencement of Indian wedding food starts with appetizers which are served to the guests before the main meal. This includes both types of appetizers veg and non-veg keeping in mind the choice of both types of guests.

Indian Appetizers
Indian Appetizers

It is a good tradition to set up the list of the appetizers according to the taste of the place where the wedding is taking place to add a flavor of it. Serving wedding drinks for providing freshness to the guests is also a good way to impress them. Different types of beverages can be included for this including mocktails, soft drinks, whiskey and wine.

Wedding Drinks
Wedding Drinks
                                                                     See more indian Dishes....

Second time is for the main course meal which contains vegetable dishes, pulao, breads and daals of many different types along with various types of salads. In case of the main course, the culture of the couple should be fully adapted and so the dishes have to be in accordance with the region and culture. It is heavy in amount and taste also as compared to all other courses.

The fast food consists of the Spring Rolls, Indian Street food, Mini tacos, Indian Wraps and more items like this which are enough to excite the guests for this novelty food.

The taste has not been up to here only… Now, the time has come up for desserts which fills the mouth and heart of the guests with sweetness. Ice creams and sweets are given preference over other desserts as they are favourite of all. The tangling and spicy taste is unforgettable if the taste is stupefying. So, hire some good caterers.

Gulab Jamun
Gulab Jamun

The feast comes to an end with ‘Vida’ or Paan in which betel nuts, sugar and spices are used for filling a betel leaf that tastes great as an ending option…

You may choose any season according to your choice, but the meal should be delicious and delightful with a 3 course elaborated effect added to it that will provide a class and standard to your wedding. And you may add some of the extra dishes according to the season of the wedding whose ideas are given below:
Additions for Winter Wedding
If you are preparing for winter wedding, then roast meat as pork, mashed potato with other veggies that are famous in the season with baked cookies and pudding as desserts can be included along besides others to increase the charm of winters.

Additions for Spring Wedding
Fresh vegetables and asparagus which can be used as an ingredient in a cold soup or even can be used as a dish in itself of this season will add to the mood of the season. For main course, you may choose chicken or lamb and for appetizer if mix salad is used then it will also be according to the season.

Additions for Summer Wedding
A large variety of options are present during this season at affordable prices including BBQ chicken, chops of pork, fried chicken, grilled eggplant and coleslaw are some of the excellent investiture for this season. You can never forget cold drinks and Ice creams as a relief for desserts in this season.
Exotic wines should also be there and for serving these to your guests, you can make use of an open bar for your guests.

Wedding caterers which are professional are the best way to come up with elite and pioneering ideas for catering as they are aware of the latest trends in the world of catering and may also suggest you unique ideas…

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