Friday, July 6, 2012

Tanishq Jewellery ‘The marvelous Choice of Brand’

Tanishq is the largest, most enviable jewellery brand of India which has gain popularity and has grown to a much higher extent in a very short period of time.

Tanishq Jewellery
Tanishq Jewellery

This company is promoted by one of the leading brand of the world, Tata Group and is a dissection of Titan Industries Limited. The name has been taken from the word Nishk which means gold coin or necklace that symbolizes its product.

The perception of branded jewellery and ornaments have been pioneered with the increasing popularity and ideas of Tanishq.

Diamond, gold and pearls are the weaknesses of women and all these possessions have been fully used by the Brand to be included in its work which includes the following categories:

Tanishq Ganga – Fine designs of white diamonds and gold capturing various moods

Alleya - Diamonds which are uncut and of pure 22karat gold
Blush for the girl in you - 18 karat pendants and earrings of gold with a youthful combination

Divine Chants - Beautiful designs of jewellery of artistic style

Glam Gold – Nakashi tradition with modern designs fashioned in kundan, gold and other precious stones.

Dvaita Diamonds – Pearls, diamonds and precious stones are covered undes under this category

Jadau and kundan are the two famous styles that range from the contemporary and traditional designs.

The portfolio of the product includes the jewellery in 22 carat diamonds, gold and gemstones. The variety includes necklaces, pendants, earrings, polki & precious stone, chokers, bangles and many more items.

Tanishq pendant

Purity is one of the quality that has made this brand so popular and you will surely find a perfect piece of jewellery of your choice.

The diamonds are cutted with the utmost care and because of the clarity that has been given authenticity has been given to these diamonds with a certificate so that you will never regret for what you are paying for. Cutting ideally the diamonds to maximize the sparkling and brilliant effect of a the facets of the prepared jewellery will be ensured.

The highest gauge of diamonds purity is done by GIA(Gemological Institute of America) in the world and each diamond of Tanishq has been authenticated by it.

Distinctive and marvelous designs with breathtaking masterpieces are made by Tanishq and there is no better way to express your emotions with this jewellery.

You can also have changing option with the price of current rates as a appreciation of taking care of diamond over a ong period of time.

Tanishq Necklace
Tanishq Necklace

Tanishq not provides you the jewellery but instead it is the beautiful piece of art supplied to you and thus providing you with an exalting experience of shopping.

The jewellery is a mixture of traditional values with the modern outlook including the work of both past and present. So, have a look of both…

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