Friday, August 10, 2012

Aaron Faber Jewelry Collection

The famous store of Aaron Faber is one of the show cases of jewelry which is artist based which has been presented in the jewelry section of the studio and has a gallery which is world famous…

A diversified mix of jewelry of contemporary style including everything starting from the beautiful engagement rings of vintage type to the Michael Bondanza‘s and an Christian Bauer’s wedding bands of platinum is available in this store of antiques and collectibles.

Michael Bondanza’s rings for engagement have a starting from 2,300$, Simon G’s ring starting is from 995$ and the range of the large array of rings of vintage style is form 1,300$.

In the decades of most recent types, the bracelets, pins and animal motifs of the 1950’s, 60’s, and also 1970’s are full up in the encyclopedia of zoological type within every species of gemstones, enamel and gold.

The jewels of gemstones and diamond speaks up about the promises, glamour, dreams, love and hopes of history which has been embedded in each jewel and surpassed in it.

Thousands of jewelry pieces from dealers, auctions, estates or from private individuals are reviewed at Aaron Faber for finding of the story behind those jewels and knowing the period of their designs for sharing them with all.

Jewelry of classic type of both new and old fashion, of contemporary style and the timepieces of jewelry from the vintage collectibles are the three main expertise areas of Aaron Faber which have been focused from a large time.
Delivery of collections which are private and are available for sale along with selling and buying of estate and repair for the restoration of jewelry including the appraisals all are provided via the gallery.

The services managers, the director of the gallery, the gemologists and all the other professionals of Aaron Faber have made a design experience that has been loved all over the world...

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