Sunday, August 5, 2012

Harry Winston Engagement Diamond Rings

The outstanding superiority based HARRY WINSTON diamond store for Jewelry situated in New York does not need any foreword for any type of media publicity and is a WORLD FAMOUS brand.

One of the amazing things to know about Harry Winston is that there are some of the diamonds which are famous for themselves and those have been worked upon by only this brand alone. Different precise diamonds are used to make different pieces of rings which are custom based on those ones. 

Only because of its top quality assurance, their rings are regarded by numerous couple as the eventual material for their engagement ceremony. ADDING A WOW!

As there is a concern of the engagement ring, half of the business of the Harry Winston engaged in the making of diamond rings and providing the nuptial bliss.

In the bridal collection of the house, the bestsellers includes the classic ring of emerald and round cut both of them with the side stones of baguette and the centre stone of cushion cut micropave ring ‘The One’.

Only one ring is being worked upon at one time as it has to be hand crafted carefully, which takes two to three months on an average instead of coming out as assembly of rings in a line and some of the beautiful pieces are shown below:

Belle by Harry Winston Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring

Classic Winston Emerald-cut Ring

Classic Winston, Round Brilliant-Cut Ring

 Harry Winston Emerald-Cut Solitaire

Micropavé Ring, Cushion-cut

This time is taken as the emphasis is given on the quality in an attainment to make 1500 rings in a year as the possessions for the world and not on the quantity. This time limit is also necessary for going through the procedures that are needed to ensure the needed quality which includes: 

- The quality assurance of the diamond for its color, cut, clarity and carat, 
- Creating of the settings of platinum for holding of the gemstones,
- Placing the center stone within the bezel with the help of the trademark of Harry Winston that is the wire claws of platinum for maximizing the brilliance of the stone.
- Finally, the polishing of the ring is done and for ensuring the durability of the ring.

The best quality of the magnificent pieces of the diamond rings is their quality that is incomparable to any other one which makes them trust worthy. Not only for the brides, but for the Hollywood celebrities are fond of the jewelry of Harry Winston for walking down the red carpet.

Uniqueness is the other famous quality that has made the brand famous and demanding and the designers are blessed with the art of creativity.

As long as the range of engagement rings is concerned, the starting level consists of the ring up to 15,000$ that is of the weight of one carat but the most of the rings ranges from 25,000$ up to 50,000$ and eventually higher. And this is the cost of the extraordinary craftsmanship and the outstanding quality of each of the piece.

Definitely if you are choosing for one of the best pieces of engagement ring for making of your wedding more unique, then Harry Winston is a place for you…    

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