Monday, August 27, 2012

“Outdoor Wedding” Plan your wedding with some Adventure

One of the choices for making your wedding more quixotic and stunning along with fun and adventure with a mixture of caution and snag is – OUTDOOR WEDDING IDEAS.

From the point of view of all the arrangements, the first thing is to have an idea about the whether of the wedding day for planning according to that i.e. hot, humid, cold or sunny.

If you have a date of summer, then the guests should be provided with chilled water bottles and make them feel comfortable. Have the arrangement for the sunscreen for all the guests.

If you are going to choose for a location that is warm enough, then you should be better prepared with some extra options of arranging large electric fans on rent and also generator along with the fans and one more main thing for that is the TENT for so that the guests will be provided shading from the direct sun light.


For the tent that you will choose, you will have to check for a brawny tent which is featured with broad and slanted sides so that it can take up the stress of wind and little over rain in certain circumstances.

If the location is full of coldness and humidity, then it would be better to inform your guests about the conditions so that they will be prepared with some extra layers for wearing. From your side, you may have a choice of transferable heaters and also tour blankets that will be helpful in cold.

You may also have a different option of the written program of the outdoor wedding on a fan that can be easily utilized by the guests for cooling themselves.

If you are planning for an adventurous idea, then you want the wedding decoration to be according to that and the first of the work that you should go for consists of visiting of the site before a week of the wedding day for ensuring the mowness of the grass, rake ness of the land and the blooming of the flowers and plan accordingly.

One idea is to enhance the wedding flowers with some bulbs along with the pots, particularly in the wedding season of cold and you will easily get the bulbs from the florist decreasing some of your work!

Farolitas, torches, luminaries, lanterns that can be hanged on the trees, string lights and many more of the relevant wedding decoration options suitable for outdoors and can be easily fit for your wedding collections.

For spotting out the wedding ceremony along with bride and bridegroom saying their vows, the beautiful decoration with the help of arches can be done.

One of the more conditions that you want to avoid is any imbalance due to windy conditions and for this you may better follow the given wedding ideas:

  • Light stuff for the clothes of bride and the bridesmaid like silk or chiffon should be avoided. 
  • You should tell about the wedding theme of your wedding to your hair stylist, so that a better style according to the outdoor can be chosen.

You can never take any risk with the feast going to be served for your guests, so appoint the wedding caterers that are experienced for outdoor weddings. And you should be good to avoid the dishes or salads like that of mayonnaise that are for cold if you are going to have summer outing.

Bug trapper or citronella candles can be used for rescuing from the effect flying bugs so that you and your guests are not busy in squashing in the air. Above all things is that you should be ready for a backup plan that may consist of the indoor planning.

At last, you should ensure one more thing and that is to ask for the authority of the outdoor wedding by the head of the place along with asking of the rules and regulations for photography, lighting, removal of compost and other things like it. HAVE FUN!!!

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