Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Wedding Curtain Lights

To acquire a stylish ambiance and a contemporary tone of modishness in a wedding, the Curtain lights are a magnificent choice that can be easily applied and has been applied over a large period of time…


There are a vast number of applications of Curtain lights of LED type some of which you may also have noticed somewhere in others wedding and the curtain light is just one from the sea. 

The wedding ideas of curtain lights can be used not only for the wedding decoration but also as the covering material for the windows.

For this, one easy technique is to hang out one of the cable horizontally thus making all of the strings to be hanged on the top cable like the curtains and the resemblance is the reason behind the so called name.

The strings can be hanged in two different styles, one is the similarity with the curtain by giving it the shape of it and the other one is to make it as if like a framework of the window or the entrance by forming a type of parting with the help of the string.


Otherwise you may have combination of the idea by the making of a bigger and wider curtain which can be used to form the partitions so that the outline of pillars can be formed.

For making the arrangement to be fitted for the wedding decoration and for wedding collection, the top cable having connectors at some space from each other is generally used that is fitted with the help of LED lights and can also been provided space in between them for producing the desired patterned effect.

To craft a gorgeous cone effect for the tree wedding decoration, the idea is to add curtain lights to the larger trees. This can be done with a smart technique i.e.  follow up the fusion of two or three of curtain lights and it has to be putted in the region of the base region of the widest section of the tree and finally running them in the vertical direction. That is all you have to do!!!

For providing the astounding effects of chandelier with the help of the curtain lights which looks great from the wedding point of view, a little petite morsel of your creativity is needed. You have to make two studs of the long water pipe, one smaller and the other larger one. 

A more restrained effect of lighting can be produced by making the distance between the strings to be more than the usual ones. The power that can be dominated by you is the power of running five thousand numbers of LEDs with the help of only one single plug.

For lighting up the full of the wedding location or the building, lengthier drop outs can be adorned out easily. And not only this, you may not leave the idea of fringing effect by using the drop out of smaller lengths. 

Now, you just have to the string ends to the bigger hoop and the cable on the top to the smaller hoop. The last thing needed is to hover the hoops to the cord of light weight and all this will ends you with a finicky floppy effect with these wedding lights. Sounds great but it also looks great!!!

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