Saturday, August 25, 2012

Wedding Lighting Gobos

Gobos patterns are formed with the help of stencils by putting them over the light which can be projected over any of the underlying area and provides a beautiful magical effect for any of the grand event.


The designs of gobos which have become popular these days are the dates, monograms, or any other personalized motifs showing the names of couple and provides a beautiful source of wedding lighting.

The cost of the gobos depends on the complexity of the designs like if you choose for stencils of steel, then it will costs less as compared to the designs on glass that can bear more of the heat of light.

This can be judged as one of the wedding ideas of making your wedding reception to be more personalized by displaying the date or name of the couple with the help of lights which has become one of the demands of the couples these days and is fun also.

For selecting the wedding gobo for your wedding, you have to choose a layout, then the font of the gobos and finally you have to provide the details of measure, fixture, date, names or anything you like to add from the given options.

The best use of the Gobos can be done on the dance floor for beautiful wedding decoration by displaying the logo of your wedding. Not only on the dance floor, the wedding gobos can be used behind the seating area of the guests or behind the gift tables for leaving a modish impression on your guests.

You may go for GoboSource for ordering of the wedding gobos. And thus have a choice that can be easily included in your wedding collections…

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