Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Daisy Wedding Bouquets Ideas

DAISY is a flower that known for its simplicity and is considered to symbolize a sweet adoration and love that is essential for a marriage to be successful. 

Daisy Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Wedding Bouquet
Daisy Wedding Bouquet

Wedding bouquet of daises 

The appearance of freshness and pastoralist is being provided by these flowers to the wedding bouquets in a traditional style and that style can be increased with the help of tiny rhine-stones, bow and ribbons.

The main advantage of daises to be used as the wedding flower is that these flowers have a larger tendency to be remained as fresh for a long time after being taken out from water for the making of the bridal bouquets.

Daises of Yellow and White color

If you are have chosen a wedding theme of white color or if the wedding dresses of the bridesmaid are of yellow color, then the choice of the yellow and white color sounds to be perfect for anything like this.

For contrasting with mint green and pastel blue color of wedding bouquets, daises of lemon yellow color for center or with the petals of white color of daises. Daises of Dahl berg type can be used if you want to add more of the yellow color to the whole of the arrangement.
The choice of daises of gloriosa can also be made as it has the petals of yellow color of vigorous type having the centers of color of dark-brown.

Daises of color-full type

If you are planning for a fall-wedding, then for you there are a plenty of choices of orange and crimson color of daises while if you are preparing for summer wedding or spring wedding, then you can have the choices of daises of pink and purple colors along with the choice of daisies of white color.

Gerbera Type Daises

These are a variety of daises that are featured by large heads with the availability in red, orange, pink and yellow colors.

For a winter wedding, this variety of daises of red color can be used for complementing the colors of holidays i.e. silver, gold and red. Not only for winter wedding but also for giving styles to the bouquets for fall wedding, red, yellow and orange color of this variety is just perfect.

Diversified and assorted Bouquets

You may try blending of the wedding bouquets of hydrangeas, mums or of a rose with daises as it is a flower that can be easily mixed with any type of other species for complementing them. For producing a romantic appeal, you may try for a combination of red roses with that of Daises of Shasta type or a combination of another type by mixing of daises of gerbera of pink color with that of roses of white color both of which seems to be beautiful.

For the styling of the bouquet in a pastoral plea, you may assemble the bouquet in a baggy style along with the blending of ribbons of raffia that provides a sense of copse of wild flower.

To produce a delusion of freshly picked wedding bouquets, the stems should be leaved un-trimmed and long enough to look natural.

At last, you may have a graceful gaze; clip on butterfly or that of crafted rhine-stones can be added within the centers of some of the daises…

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