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DIY Bouquets for Wedding

If we talk about the making of a bouquet for wedding, then it is not a difficult task but needs some of your creativeness if you are really interested…
DIY Bouquet

DIY Bouquets

DIY Bouquets for Wedding

DIY Bouquet for Wedding

Wedding DIY Bouquet

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Making the DIY bouquets or a bouquet using single flowers can be done by anyone easily and you may easily give it a dome shape. It is also in accordance with most of the wedding gowns that will easily complement them taking care of mainly of the color of the dress.

Flower Ideas

You may better sticking with the ideas of using the stuff of some hardier-flowers like the roses that are easy to be arranged in any of the arrangement and requires the lesser amount of man handling.
For making of the bridal bouquet of around eight inches in the diameter for which you have to give thirty to sixty minutes, and the wedding bouquets may consists of thirty to sixty stems of a hardier flower like rose.

For the making of the bouquets, the things that you will need are Pins that are of straight type or you may also use the corsage pin with pearl tip, stem stripper, a very sharper knife, ribbons of matching color, tape of floral type for pasting, paper towels and bucket.

The steps that you want to follow for the making of the bouquet are as follow:

1. Preparation of the Flowers

You may use the stem stripper for removing the thorns, foliage part and extra unwanted petals. You have to cut the stems of the wedding flowers around two inches from the bottom after sinking them inside the water in the bucket by holding them in the water with the help of the knife. After a few seconds, remove them from the water and place them in cool water.
2. Assemblage of the Flowers

Now by holding the flowers in one hand, you have to add the flowers one by one to the arrangement with the other for assembling the whole of the arrangement. Now you have to make the square shape by assembling 4 of the flowers at the same height considering it as the center of the arena.

Now you have to make the full arrangement of the bouquet by adding other flowers one by one around the central arrangements creating a shape of the dome.

3. Binding of the Bouquet

 A floral tape can be used for binding of the bridal bouquet from the point around three to inches from the head of the flowers. You may repeat this process of binding till you reached the point that is nearly two from the bottom of the stems and you have to leave them for trimming later.

4. Finishing of the Bouquet

Make the lengths of the stems to be same around seven to eight inches in length by cutting them and dried them off with the help of the towel.

Its time to wrap the bouquet in the ribbon that should be at least three times the length of the stem and tucking it starting from the top of the handle, wrap it down spirally till the end. For tucking of the ribbon into the flowers, you may use the pins.

5. Preservation Part

The bouquet can be preserved by wrapping it in the tissue and for storage purpose you have to keep them in refrigerator till the time of the wedding ceremony.

After the full making of the bouquet, you should put the bared stems in the water misting their heads with water.

After using these simple steps, I hope you will be feel this task of making the wedding bouquets but the much better result than your expectation can be made by adding some creativity into it and some more of the wedding ideas…

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