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'Pocket Fold Invitations' Small Package for BIG DEAL...

Whether we talk about any of the functions or about the latest fashion trends for them, Pocket Fold Invitations is the package which has a lot of matter for impressing your guests inside them… 

Pocket Fold Invitations

Pocket Fold Wedding Invitations

Pocket Fold Invitations  Cards

Pocket Fold Invitations Cards

Pocket Fold Invitations Card

Pocket Fold Invitations Wedding Card

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For keeping all of the wedding details in a tidy and organizing way, these can be considered as a realistic way. Synchronizing RSVP and Step Cards can be easily fitted in its pocket for providing your Invitation a lighthearted yet an elegant look.

Harmonized Enclosures or the Cards for enclosing along with nearly all the Pocket Fold Invitations are provided for synchronizing the whole of the assembly and tone of the Wedding Invitation.

These Cards may consists of the Step Cards of stair type or the post cards for RSVP which can be used by you for adding the details of travelling, directions to reach up to venue location or any of the extra information which you want to let your guests know. That may something personal to you! The styles of the Wedding cards can be made personalize by adding more of your detail belonging specially to you.  

You may show some of the creativity into these cards with the help of different sizes and colors of the fonts which have to embossed on these Cards.

Synchronized Embellishments can be easily polished off upon your Pocket fold Invitation. For that you may use the embellishment of band of Vellum that can be wrapped around the pocket of the Card and self adhesive seal can be used for securing it on that.

Cloaking of the inside part of the Card can be done with the help of any color of the Vellum’s sheet which will make it more exhilarating. The monograms or photos that you have prepared for sharing with all of your guests can also be inserted along with the sheet and to make the Pocket Fold really personalize.

There comes to be two types of the Pocket-Fold cards which differ on the basis of their sizes and are as follows:

1. Standard size – This has a size of 120 x 120 mm
2. Large size – This has a size of 150 x 150 mm

You may relate many of the other stationeries of your wedding with the wedding ideas of these Pocket folds like album for wedding photos, guests books, boxes for wedding favors, Thank You Cards and many more as according to your choice.

Newer type of letter press embossing of the wordings are also provided for these types of Invitation cards. Letter press can also be used for embossing the name of the bride and bridegroom, wedding date, mono gram of your style on the peripheral sides of your Pocket Fold Invitations. Not only this, the space for writing the names of your guests can also be leaved to be filled by your consultation.

If you want to save some of your time for other wedding arrangements, then there are the choices for self closing Pocket Folds with a flapping style which requires none of the labels, adhesives or ribbons for their packing. That a time saving wedding Idea!!

Thus Pocket Fold Invitations are the best way to work out for adding a real modish touch to the stationery of your wedding…

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