Monday, September 3, 2012

Indian Mehndi

One of the most beautiful traditions of applying mehndi on the hands of brides is followed and is viewed as an important custom in India and because of this a variety of designs of mehndi are available in Indian style.

Indian Mehndi

This can be considered to be one of the way of artistry and creativeness by the Indians who have followed this like a tradition and mehndi designs have become one of the necessities of Indian Marriages.

Henna is the material by which different parts of the body are covered including the feet, arms, legs and most importantly the hands of the brides for their wedding collections

Indian Mehndi Design

Indian Mehndi Designs

Design of Indian Mehndi

Design for Indian Mehndi

And the tradition is not only followed by the brides but also by nearly all of the women playing any of the roles in the life of brides and bridegrooms.

The entire palm of the hand is being covered with the help of mehndi taking the lost of it. Mehndi designers have to work very patiently when it comes to making of the Indian designs as the wedding ideas.

Most of the patterns that are made to symbolize any of the things related to India like that of  lotus that is the national flower of India, peacock that is the national bird of India, any of the motifs representing wishes and good luck or wealth and many other emotional things.

This tradition is going to be followed for the years to come by Indians...

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