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'Wedding Photography Checklist' A way of ensuring all the wedding moments to be captured......

Wedding Photography Checklist is a kind of checking that is necessary from the wedding point of view for capturing all the moments for you remembering ever and ever after that in your life...

Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography
Wedding Photography

Bride and Groom should ensure that the wedding photographer has prepared and shown them the list of all the family members, friends and guests fro whom the wedding photos are necessary along with all the important moment with small ones also, so that no moment and no member should be leaved for being their in your wedding album. Even a professional photographer is liable for making a mistake as he is also a human being and if any of the mistakes occurs than that will be an irreversible one.

Wedding photography checklist should not consist of any exact instructions to be followed by the wedding photographer like a program that has been feed up with the doings. Instead, it should be like a sea of the mixture of the moments and the people that have to be captured along with the locations where the capturing has to be done and the most important thing among all is the creativity of your wedding photographer. All of the things and checklist depends on the thinking and experience of your photographer that will follow the guidelines of your wedding in his own way for giving you more brilliance in your wedding album then your expectations.

One of the good techniques that should be followed by the photographer is to categorize the whole concept into various categories like the photos of bride and groom, bride and her parents, bride and the bridesmaid, etc. This will make the work of the photographer easier with this as the categories can be easily remembered by the wedding photographer. Not only it will help in memorizing the work but also saves the time of the photographer as the between the shooting of the photos of one categories and the other one can be minimized.

This can be done by making arrangements for the next category in advance by sending those people who belongs to the previous category to call upon those who are in the next turn after the present photo shoot. This way provides the wedding photographer with the option of capturing the present category photos while have already made the preparations for the next one...

The guide of wedding photography should consist of the following list as according to me that are the points that makes it possible for you not to let any of the important photograph to be missed.

  • Photos of the Bride – This is the most important part that is to be considered for wedding photography in which there may be taken as many photographs of the brides that will cover up with different poses of the brides in both of the ways by taking the wedding flowers or wedding bouquets and without them and also with showing full wedding dress also. 
  • Bride and Her Family – This category starts with the mom and dad of the bride along with the siblings and all of the family members for sure. 
  • All of the above three categories should be repeated with the groom separately. 
  • Photos of the couple or also referred to as ‘Romantics – The photos of the couple creates the most highlighting photos of the wedding that are the main consideration of all, so should be taken in brilliant and stylish way. So, this part should include the most of the creativity from the photographer side. All of the kinds of poses including the full length showing the whole of the wedding attire of both of them should be taken. 
  • Ceremony Photos – All of the photos that are related to the wedding ceremony events that take place at that day starting from the walking down to the aisle to the to the ring exchange and all others should be taken with a lot of precision. 
  • The photographs of the couple with the families of both the bride and the groom separately should also be taken with great precision. 
  •  All of the reception related photos including the main entrance, dancing and of the delicious food should also be a part of the wedding ceremony.
This list will ensure you with the necessary photos that are necessary for every wedding and couple but this is not an end to the individuals choice, so the rest of the additions to the photography checklist should be done according to your choice and style…

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