Thursday, June 14, 2012

Latest Engagement Ring Arrivals in 2012

“New and wide varieties of styles are being created on a continuous basis as they express different tastes of different individuals of this world”. One of the fascinating thing about Jewellery is that it is fashion forward and the trend changes like in clothing, style, etc.

In addition with diamond which is all time favourite, newer ideas which have come up in the market are as follows:

Halo Settings Ring
Gives a spectacular look truly sufficient for focussing all the eyes on it because of art deco and beautiful look that is provided to it. To name a few incudes Blue sapphire halo ring, Halo ring from Blue Nile, Halo diamond ring.

Twisted Bands and Intricate Settings Ring
Solitaire ring comes under this which has shining and sparkling feature which makes it the lone centerpiece of attention due to its simple and glossy nature.

Rose gold engagement Ring
These rings are becoming popular and are in great demand like bezel set rose gold and platinum diamond ring andcushion cut set ring.

Colored Stones and Metals Ring
Colored diamonds in chocolate, pink, blue and edgy black are available with precious stones including sapphires, emeralds and rubies. These includes Peridot rings, Canary diamond rings and Chocolate diamond rings.

Antique and Vintage Style Ring 

These designs are inspired by nature and flowers which provides charm by their leafy motifs, and with additional three stone ring symbolizes past, present and future of a couple. This category includes Micropavéd stones rings and Edwardian-inspired rings.

Dazzling colors, social conscienceand a mixture of past tributes have become famous among new choices and thus new styles more often are derived from such ideas.

Beauty and resilience of diamond rings remind the promise of a wonderful and endurable marriage as diamond is a combination of precious metal and strength.

Trends changes day by day and you never know whether you are aware of the latest one, so you have to come up again in search of new wedding collection that will come up next…

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