Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wedding Photography

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph”, a well said line. Now if you want to apply beauty in your wedding photographs, then collect as many ideas as you can… 

Two of the approaches are recognized for wedding. First one is the Traditional wedding photography that includes making of images that are classically posed. The second option is the Photojournalistic approach in which more focus is given on styles of editorial reporting.
Blending of modern and artistic approach is done with contemporary photography is now in fashion. Seems complicated???

You can only help and should think of some things that are given ahead.

A ‘Shot List’ may be created that consists of the shots that you never wanted to leave due to any other work in which you might be involved in during wedding like the photographs should be taken with all of your family members. After all, those photos have to become a means for you to remember all people that are related to you.

A Photo Coordinator can be chosen from your family, who will guide the photographers in their work and keeps everyone in the shots.

Location may be visited before the wedding day so as to get an idea how the light will have an effect during wedding and choosing the places which are good for photography.

The working styles of the photographers can be checked by checking their previous work. Set all the deals with them by telling all of your expectations regarding photographs including how much shots you want.

Asks the photographer for taking shots from different angles so that mixing of different angles can be done later. A great strategy to follow is to have a second photographer who will take care of the candid shots.

Now a days, a new fashion has started in which slideshow of the previously taken images is presented on the screen for the guests which adds extra fun to the night.

Always keep an extra camera with you even if you have to steal that from others for that day…  

Keep track of all these if you want to full your memories with colorful and beautiful images

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