Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth engaged together

An exciting news for celebrity watchers… “Miley Cyrus”, the teenage singer and the Hunger Games star “Liam Hemsworth” were engaged together.

The two young gleaming personalities presented this rocking news with an engagement ring to the world and seems to be very happy after their engagement.

The Australian actor Liam Hemsworth proposed on May 31 to his girlfriend Miley Cyrus and she is very happy for this and has felt like all her dreams comes to be true as told to People.com.

The engagement ring has been made by Jewellers Neil Laneand has been asked by Hemsworth to make a really beautiful and romantic symbolizing ring. And as a result, 3.5 carat diamond ring having a cushion cut on which nouveau pattern of art in the floral motifs of diamond were crafted is being made.

The 19 year old Cyrus and 22 year old Hemsworth met on the set of “The Last Song” in 2009 and since then they have been dating each other.

Their way up to the engagement can be considered to be full of breakups and then reconciliations after it and finally to the engagement.

There are some rumors also that Cyrus was feeling insecure about up going career of Hemsworth and so she has forced him for the engagement. Her parents were also very happy about this.

People are voting on gossip sites things like "Big mistake" and "Good for her" for Cyrus-Hemsworth alliance. Miley Cyrus, LOL actress is also tweeting on about her feelings after the engagement.

It will be more exciting to see them being tied by the knot and getting married to each other???

But his fans might have to wait for a while for the big day to come up in real time as both of them are busy right now with their careers. Hemsworth is stacking up for his new films including “Empire State”, “Paranoia”, and others projects. Miley, in the meanwhile is also busy on a new album.
So, just wait and watch…

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