Monday, June 11, 2012

”Wedding songs” Special songs for the special occasion

Wedding songs refers to the music that is played during celebrations of wedding including the ceremony, reception and all other functions before or after the event. Wedding songs comes under entertaining part of wedding and entertainment is must on such a happy day!!!

Wedding songs are considered to be very important factor while you are making plans of your wedding as they are a way of expressing your feelings. Wedding songs sets up the mood of guestsand thus the whole tone of the function.

The different varieties available for your music selection that come as follows:

Prelude songs - Music that is played before the beginning of the actual ceremony and when your guests take their seats.
Processional songs - Music that is played when the guests take their seats and be seated.
Bride’s Entrance songs - Music that is played when the bride walks down the aisle. 
Interlude songs - Includes special songs, Unity Candle songs, and transition songs that are played for the special moment as the lighting the unity candle. 
Recessional songs - Music played when the wedding party and the couple leaves the ceremony. 
Postlude songs - Music played when it is the time for the guests to leave.

Romantic Love songs are always a part of wedding and they can even be considered as a featured part of wedding. Slower love songs are played during the first dance of bride and bridegroom.

There are a large stuff and amount of wedding songs available, so you have to make choices according to your favourites and according to the wedding theme. There is a lot of stuff of popular classical wedding music available which are favourites by Beethoven, Vivaldi, Handel, Bach, and more to name a few here.

Depending on the traditions and prevailing culture of the families and the wishes of the couple, there can be organized a live concert by musicians or vocalists and this will adds an ever lasting impression.

The one and only thing that is needed is a lot of entertainment that can be added by your music selection, so have fun…

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