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Bridal Hair Care

Every bride wants good hair which can be hair styled in an astounding way on her wedding day and this is not a one day issue and you need both time and good hair care advices for achieving a camera ready shape of your hair. So, let’s have look of the following advices and see how many you are able to grasp!!!

Bridal Hair Care
Bridal Hair Care
 First and the foremost thing is to clean your hair on a regular basis as action of shampoo removes the excess of dirt and thus opens up the scales of the hair. The shampoo you are using should not contain harmful chemicals and consists of a cleansing base of mild type. As much as washing of hair is concerned, they should be washed out two to three times a week. 

You have to give few minutes daily for the caring of your hair to make them glean and healthy and to prepare them for a good hair style. Care for your hair according to their type that is whether they are normal, oily or dry, starting with the right choice of shampoo and conditioners. And don’t try to use all the products for hair care with oily or dry hair.

Conditioning should be provided after shampoo with herbal conditioner especially a protein conditioner for making them shine, smoothening them for combing, saving them from trapping excessive dirt and many more effects. A good idea is to pamper for a deep conditioning treatment before six weeks of the wedding and go for a salon treatment if you can afford.

Save your hairs from the detrimental effects of straightening, curling, gels, sprays and colors and let your hairs feel healthy by the time of the wedding.  Always have options of the natural ingredients in your products as much as possible and steer clear of the chemicals.

For resolving the tangling of your hair, make use of comb that is wide toothed and do not apply the comb or brush when your hairs are dripping wet as the hairs at this time are quite flimsy and frail and so can be broken out easily.

Oil is the ingredient that your hair needs on a weekly basis for stronger hair and for good blood circulation but do not provide overdose of it to your hair by seeing so many advantages!  A good option is to use any of the mix oil or Ayurvedic oil along with castor oil and applying the mixture an hour before washing them.

The care should be taken not only from outside but also make your inner body healthy by drinking at least eight to ten glasses of water in a day and sleep of at least eight hours. Along with water, you need calcium and vitamins, so eat fresh fruits and vegetables, coconut water, milk and make your diet balanced out which is good for your digestive system and for your body and ultimately for your hair. After all this you will see and feel the magical effect!!!

Fruits and Vegetables
Fruits and Vegetables

Never try something drastic right before your wedding like trying out for the first perm on hair or for a new hair color. If you are habitual of experimenting of new things then you may fully enjoy it three to four months before the wedding so that you have enough time to correct any wrong result of your experiment!!! 

Always use a hat or scarf to cover up the hair whenever you have to go outside in harsh sun or heavy wind which will minimize the damage of your hair.

For rejuvenating your hair and giving them a polished shiny look, the best option is to take a hot oil massage before a week of the wedding. Touch up for a new color can be given before two to three weeks of the wedding if you are fond of it.

Other things besides these includes combing your hair on a regular basis, anti dandruff treatment, mehndi application for your hair, aromatic head massage and going for treatment of falling hair if it is necessary. So, this is all and we hope you will take care of your hair properly….

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