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Bridal Makeup kit

One of the necessities for completing the bridal makeup kit is to make a list of all the items as a number of small items are necessary for the bridal kit from which you may easily skip one or two!

Bridal Makeup kit
Bridal Makeup kit
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If you don’t have to care much about the budget then you should individually choose all the different items of different brands. But if you want to save a lot of money then the bridal makeup kits are available for you. Whether you choose for individual items or a kit, make sure that you are following stuff…

Pick at least 5 to 6 shades of Lipstick and select all the good colors of your choice having a mixture of both bright and light shades that are matching with your wedding dress and with other dresses for different functions of wedding. Red, peach, brown, pink are the colors mostly chosen for the wedding purpose. And the brands that you can make use of are Revlon, Colorbar soft touch lipstick, Maybelline, Loreal, Lotus Herbal Lipsticks and Lakme.

Lip glosses are used for making your lips hydrated and if you like to use it you may chose clear lip gloss of Loreal that will be matched with all the colors of lipstick. 

Lip glosses
Lip glosses

Colorbar Trace gold, peachy pink and cosmic rose colors are the most famous one for blush and you would love to pick all of these. You should pick up at least one of the sparkle blush and also one matte blush. Lakme range of Bridal Sutra, MAC blushes and Botanical blushes of Lotus Herbal are other choices that are also good.

At least one Lip liner in the brown, basic black and red (if you are going to use red lipstick) colors you should have and the brands which you from which you may select are Lakme Glide, Colorbar and Lotus Botanical Liner.

Foundation is one of the important items that you may never leave and you must invest in some good foundations like that of Revlon Colorstay, Maxfactor Panstick, MaxFactor Age Renew, Lancome’s   superb foundation named as Teint Idol Silky Matte and MAC. Buy the foundation that exactly matches with your skin tones as the base will make the difference in your look.

First thing to be considered about Mascara is that it should be waterproof so have a choice from these: False Lash Effect Mascara from Max Factor, Colorbar Waterproof Mascara, Maybelline Colossal Volume Mascara, Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells Mascara, Estee Lauder Magnascopic Mascara.

Black eyeliner is mostly preferred as it is adjustable with all types of makeup of the bride and maybeline or shahline or body shop or the last option that you can have is Lakme eyeliner that may be used if you don’t want to use the above mentioned eyeliners.

Colorbar Glide Eye Pencil is the best choice to use and always choose the color that suits your eyes color best and remember one more thing  that every pretty color of the eye pencil may not suit you. So choose ACCORDINGLY…

Eye Pencil
Eye Pencil

If you are fond of using single eyeshadows, then you can have another similar option of eye palettes which includes different shades that you can match with your dress. Maybelline, Colorbar Eyeshadow palettes are some remarkable quads you can have…

Nail paints can be buyed with many of the shades from which few of them should match with your wedding dress and some others with other dresses of your choice. Colorbar Nail Polishes, Lotus Herbal Nail Paints, Maybelline Colorama and Lakme comes in the good choices. And also purchase base coat and nail paint remover with nail paint.

Talking about make up brushes needs a collection of powder brush, blush brush, eyeshadow brushes and foundation brush and you have choice of choosing them personally or a kit of these.

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes

Touches ups are needed by the bride and for this surely buy a Compact of Lotus Herbals Botanical or Maybelline Whitestay UV type. A make up primer is needed by you if you if your skin is oily of MAC, chambor or Inglot brands.

For a sudden appearance of mild redness by a nervousness or for a scar, a concealer is necessary which should be always present in your make up kit. Bride should feel good on her marriage and only a little pep me up spray is needed for this and you may have a try of Body Spray of Forest Essentials Sandalwood and this is it.

An over looked but important part of the bridal kit is the blotting paper which is essential to keep you look fresh by absorbing excess oil and without effecting the makeup of the bride.

Apart from this, you should always keep a lip balm, Ponds tinted moisturizer or aloevera body moisturizer as these are good one, rose toner, Lakme sindoor, tea tree face wash and last but not the least Makeup Remover. And this is all for making of a beautiful and essential kit for Bridal makeup kit

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