Friday, July 13, 2012

‘Jewellers en Residence’ New Emporium At LIBERTY

Liberty has launched the Jewellery Emporium that is the brand new collection of Jewellery and the celebrations were made with Jewellers en Residence for four days starting from 11th of July upto 14th of July. 

Liberty Jewellers en Residence
Liberty Jewellers en Residence

London Liberty that is known for its distinctiveness from the other departmental stores and famous for the floral prints and exterior style of Tudor has recently revealed with this idea of jewellery emporium.

The four day affair is to celebrate the happening launch of the Jewellery Emporium in which new collections of jewelleries made by the famous designers as a treasure of over 4,000 items has been shown. 

'Jewellers en Residence’, the new showcase of jewellery have been opened up with a glass of Champagne. WOW Factor…

The editor of Vogue jewellery, Carol Woolton have kicked off the actions by signing copies of his latest book named as ‘Drawing Jewels For Fashion’ giving a lot of suggestions to the customers for purchasing Jewels. LOT OF ADVICES!!

A series of exciting proceedings that had taken place includes arrival of guests stars, consultations of gemstone, discount and other exclusive offers and flattering engravings.
Designers including Dinny Hall, Alex Monroe, Lulu Frost, Venessa Arizaga, Anna Sheffield and Pomellato  were welcomed for pursing their latest collections to the customers. And this was the reason of the excitement of the customers!!

A wide variety of superior vintage jewellery that has been inspired by the international jewellers to instigate the shoppers have been showcases in this emporium. 

New Emporium Jewellery at Liberty
New Emporium Jewellery at Liberty

Perfect mixture of archetypal lavishness and trendy exhibition has made nested breathtaking work for girls so that they are unable to pass out without popping in for the stationery, handbag and all other things.

The necklace of vintage charm, consultation of color on gemstone that has been given personally by the designers, and purchase of many other pieces of items were the main point of attraction for the customers. 

Collection of Aninna Vogel has been admired for the longest time by all  as she has been involved in making collection of the charms of the vintage style from a very smaller age and the collection is just evocative and unique including Aladdin caves and also the amazing treasure that has been malformed into new wearable pieces. Charms of pretty necklaces, or rings and long chains has been sparkled.

Kojis provide another piece of jewellery with a antique statement  with a mixture of diverse pieces of the Golden European Period of the 18th and 19th century upto the classics of present day style.

Jewellers en Residence Liberty Card
Jewellers en Residence Liberty Card

The fantasy of Jungle Jumble Ring  with a range of colors and elements of fantasy created as the treasures of magical types by noteworthy work of Annoushka.

The name Jewellers en Residence suits to the collection as it will returning to the method of sales that were traditional and ready to bring those jewellers back in action as said en residence…

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