Friday, July 13, 2012

‘Victorian Wedding Theme’ A royal effect in wedding

Add romantic gestures and refined scenery with lots of cord and rosebuds besides adding grace and class to your wedding by having one type of wedding that has been given the name - VICTORIAN WEDDING THEME.

Victorian Wedding Theme
Victorian Wedding Theme

Victorian Wedding Theme are going to be hugely oh so this year seeing the popularity of Vintage wedding theme as Victorian Theme is a more sumptuous opening out of the Vintage theme.

Marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton is a grand event in which classic cloak, striking robe and lacy sleeves are featured. And all this show has stolen the hearts of all the couples which have started creating their own royalty wedding.

A classic home of Victorian look or age, Italianate mansion which has been restored or a copious rose garden having a large number of fountains and statutes or any other Victorian age related location will suit your wedding theme fully.

Italianate mansion
Italianate mansion

Pearls, lace, crystals are spread out everywhere for giving the look to the theme by providing over the top decorations by this and adding more effect by chandelier and centerpieces of floral patterns. Colorful palette and antique colors of styles of pearl and crystal accessories really explode without giving a gaudy look and in a way helps in complimenting this theme.

From the point of Wedding dress selection of this theme you have to think extravagantly and colorfully as before the marriage of Queen Victoria in 1840 in a gown of white color, grey or dark brown colors are typically are given preference. Tiered skirt with lace and pearl featured on it is also a good option.

Victorian Wedding Dress
Victorian Wedding Dress


Apricot, silver, bluish, lavender, creams and blush pink color are all available and makes a great choice for the dress along with dots of polka and floral embellished on it.

The effect of Victorian Theme can be made by Steam punk out of the ordinary icons images on the decorated tables which are sprinkled with these. For making up of more endearing décor for the tables, saucers and tea cups of the Victorian or vintage period have to be selected by you and tea has to be served for absolute affix in the theme. 

Antique lace can be covered on the tables along with floor length fabric making a layer of it on the tables. Wedding photo of black and white color in the frames of silver that are antique can be placed on the tables besides the guest books. 

Pastries, scones, tea buffet having different varieties of tea, mini sandwiches and strawberries covered with chocolate are some of the additions of modern time that you may include in the plan. Have  some additions of modernity…

For adding the history effect on the invitation cards of wedding, letters can be imprinted along with doves, cupids and hearts on the cards.  Tea leave pouches, gift boxes which are simple with a historic panache are the options for cute innovative favors. If possible, you may have a totally traditional effect by delivering the cards by hands. Just for adding some more glamour!!!

For arriving at the destination, carriage that is drawn by horse as in the previous medieval period can be used with the driver to be dresses in costume of Victorian period.

Daises, hyacinth, pansies, blossoms and most importantly the roses are Victorian flowers which are popular and you may decorate the reception site with all these flowers.

Fruitcakes were common option in previous time, so you may firstly select a traditional fruitcake and then decorate the cake with white frosting for providing it a Victorian type wedding cake.

Victorian Wedding Cake
Victorian Wedding Cake

Now, apply these ideas in your wedding of a traditional style and we wish that your wedding is going to be one of the memorable royal wedding…

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