Friday, July 13, 2012

DIY Wedding Thank You Cards

Making and sending DIY Thank You Cards to all of your guests of wedding is not only a creative idea but it is like a gesture of reminding all the memories of your wedding and giving your guests a personal touch by the wedding photos is just an amazing idea!!!

DIY Wedding Thank-You Card
DIY Wedding Thank-You Card

A different card that is different from Wedding Invitation Card is needed that not seems to be too tacky and complicated rather it can express your feeling of gratitude for your guests. So, it is a good way to include one of your best loved photos of wedding when giving thank to your guests.

A card that has been printed with the favorite wedding photo of the couple and wrapping it in a cute little pocket and finishing given with a ribbon around it makes a simple and good choice. Wedding photos and monogram plod can be personalized on the DIY Wedding Thank you cards.

Photo for Thank You Card
Photo for Thank You Card

If you are interested in making this type of card fully by yourself, then the things that will be needed by you includes ink for watermarking or embossing of the color of your choice, thank you stamp made of rubber, one more rubber stamp for the cards front according to your choice, heat gun, envelope, cards, ribbon, tags for luggage, folders of pockets size, and at last wedding photo selected for personalizing the Thank You Card. Not a big Stuff!!!

With the help of above things, let’s get started. Firstly stamp the tags on luggage by using thank you stamp with the ink and put it aside. Then give the impressions of the image on the card with the help of stamp which has been pressed on the watermark ink.
Completely cover the image by the decorating powder by fully shaking it over the image and remove all the extra powder that has been poured and leave no flecks on the image, so don’t brush them off.  Now, you have to melt up the powder by using the heat tool which will take only few of your seconds.

Preparation of DIY Thank You Card
Preparation of DIY Thank You Card

Write whatever message you want to give to all the guests for thanking them and then insert both of the photographs chosen by you and the card that you have made with so much dedication in the folder and you may also seal it or bound out it from outside with the help of the ribbon.

Ribbon use can also be done by binding it with the tag of the luggage and tying it around the folder in some beautiful way…

Heart and Flowers along with their bookmarks made up of fabric which can be easily tucked inside a Thank You Card as the DIY favors make your card more special.

Vintage chalkboards can be used for taking photographs with Thank You mentioned on them and sending them along with the Thank You Cards.

Sweet handmade signs can be used which shows the signs to be string together for the couple that has taken departure from the wedding with only the memories remaining with them.

For the message purpose, you may select a template and take a printout of that and can cut it out according to the shape you want to give it and can emboss a wallet size photo on it along with a lot of space for any of the personalized message of your choice.


All of your hard slog for making a DIY THANK YOU CARD will remind you the memories that everybody has shared with you and this is just to thank your loved ones… So SWEET!

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