Monday, July 16, 2012

'Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes' A long way from Wedding To Divorce

A real story of love, marriage and divorce has been created by the Hollywood superstar, Tom Cruise and actress Katie Holmes, the news of which had been in focus from sometime when the matter of divorce had reached to the court…

'Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes
'Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes

Talking from starting, their story includes a lot of ups and downs as described below. Both of them belong to different religions: Cruise is a enthusiastic scientologist and Homes is a Roman catholic from Toledo.

Tom proposed Katei Holmes in Paris, France on 17 June, 2005 at the site none other than one of the wonders of the world i.e. Eiffel Tower with an engagement ring. Their ages when they were engaged was 42 for Tom and 26 for Holmes. LONG JOURNEY!!!  

Their first date of them was their first bike ride to the beach and they were in love with each other since then. The first appearance by them together was made on 27th April in 2005 after which Tom announced his love for Katie one month after.

Their official wedding had taken place legally previously before the celebration of the wedding in Italian style at Beverly Hills Mansion in Los Angeles, California and the official wedding date is not known till now. SECRET!

The grand marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had taken place on18th November, 2006 in Italy at Odescalchi Castle according to the ceremony of scientologist.

And not only this, Catholic church would not carry out the ceremony as Tom has been divorced twice, so they had celebrated by Scientology wedding ceremony but it was also not acknowledged in Italy. A good promise of Scientology wedding is that the couple has to sort out all the fights they had during the whole of the day before going to sleep. Amazing!!! 

The guests of the wedding consists of the list of Cameron Crowe, Kate Capshaw, Victoria Beckham, J.J. Abrams, Chris Henchy, Jenna Elfman, Brooke Shields, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Paula Wagner, Kelly Preston, Will Smith, Jenny McCarthy, Marc Anthony and Martin and Kathy Holmes. Just a few name to take…

Giorgio Armani, the famous designer had designed the wedding attire for everyone. The grand event had taken place in a grand way with so many celebrities and a lot of celebration…

But now the time has come up in which they want divorce from each other after such a long time being together, more than five years.

Now, after more than a five year marriage, they are having an argument on the issue of raising if their daughter in Church of Scientology. And they wanted to get divorce from each other and they have settled it out within less than two weeks time. The divorce has been filed by Holmes on 28th of June, 2012. And in this way the relashionship has been ended. Sad to listen out!!!

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