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Musical Wedding Theme

Greatest advantage of celebrating a Musical wedding is that it provides a synchronization of the couple in one tone and the starting of their new life together…

Musical Wedding Theme
Musical Wedding Theme

One of the specialties of Musical Wedding theme is that the music which you listen in this type of wedding is totally different from the usual cheese that you found in other weddings. Sheet music has a feature that it can be decorated with any of things starting from place mats up to escort cards, so this may be considered for using as a theme wedding.

Electrical guitars  and violins with clefs and notes of music are the different motifs that are shown in the characters of this theme and if chosen for a color schema of black and white, then it will be a great combination. The groom has an option to impress his bride with the strings of guitar if he knows how to play it and can serenaded her with that guitar. 

Guitar with wedding flowers
Guitar with wedding flowers

Interlace the wedding theme with full feel of being it a theme wedding by choosing the type of playlist that best suits your theme and is played larger number of times than the other ones. This will just create your theme category narrower and you may choose one of the following:

Love's Theme – Instrumental version are used in this and the sheet music should be placed on the stand for everyone and music stands can be placed on the center of the tables especially for the guests.
You're the One That I Want – By Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, Greased out with guests with this double act form and make you guests to sing lip sync or karaoke to this song.

Love Me Tender -  By Elvis Presley can be used if you want to garnish your wedding with guitars and records which are older ones.

What a Wonderful World – By Louis Armstrong, You have to add golden trumpets in your decorating plan along with the wedding song like this.

At Last – By Etta James, For giving tribute to wedding and love with some flutes and white orchids, classic songs are played.

Rock n roll songs of the 1950’s are on the height during this period but smooth and slow which is the choice of couple when they are on the dance floor of this period. For those who have a great fervor for Elvis, Stones and Beatles, then you need to try for the beats of 1960’s, which is full of this bang out. 
And if the number of people on the desolated dance floor are lesser than your wish, then you should choose of the music of Scottish or Irish country.

For young generation, the best choice is the music of 21st century and still searching for more option, then the Covers band of Pop party will include all the bases that you and your guests will enjoy fully. You may have one or a combination of these options for the live music for wedding.

Select one song for yourself and you may play it many times and you have a great advantage to choose the music genres of your type. After all it’s your dream day so your dreams should become true!!!

Escort cards and table numbers comes under the choices that can be embossed with the sheet music and you will also love the way in which signs on the tables, invitations and place cards are created with the usage of sheet music. A good decoration idea for musical theme is that the tables can be named according to the names of songs and decorate those like that as well.

Table Decor for Musical Wedding Theme
Table Decor for Musical Wedding Theme

Choose a meticulous image of musical instrument, musical note or any other thing related to music and slot in that in everywhere from the arch of entry way, centerpieces and on the cups and napkins. Sheet music can be integrated in boutonniere with having the impression of the music on the flowers and bouquets.

Flower decoration for wedding theme
Flower decoration for wedding theme

 One of the best gift idea for your guests or wedding favors is to give CD containing the favorite songs of the couple and a Thank You message from their side. Alternatively, for relieving the memories of your wedding in the hearts of your guests, you may give them CD of the playlist of the wedding reception.

Flower decoration for wedding theme
Wedding favors for Musical Wedding Theme

Using some of the general icons of music or genres also, following music theme can created:
Jazz - This theme can be chosen for incorporating a stylish wedding of New Orleans type having a band which plays an array of tunes for dancing and including some of flair of Cajun to your music and food.

Classical- To bring some sophisticated air, elegancy and smoothness, classical wedding is needed and bubble machines can be especially used for them for providing a classical atmosphere and soft lightning.

Musical Notes – Decorate your wedding with the musical note streamers of different colors with black and shiny musical notes.

It seems to be a great fun to dance with your friends and family leaving out all the external world tensions out and everyone will be on the dance floor with loud volume DJ.
For really assembling all the guests on the dance floor and make them jump out on the floor, you should make out good choice of the band and for selecting it, one good idea is to have the auditions of the bands before choosing. After all, the overall theme is based on the music!!!

The band to hire for singing can be judged by one of the criteria if they are able to play the Beatles songs by doing justice to these songs and also many other famous songs can be given for singing.

Musical theme will definitely become your choice to make your wedding beautiful and magical and you will appreciate this art form of nature…

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