Thursday, July 19, 2012

‘Floralyte’ Decorate wedding flower arrangement

One of the lights that can be used for embellishing centerpieces, floral arrangement and the wedding decorations for any function and enlighten its vibrant light with a shines are – FLORALYTES.


Floralytes are type of lights that can be used only for one time and has no switch for on-off with a capacity for working up to 48 hours on an average with their batteries being non replaceable.

Floralytes generally have a width of 3/4 inches and a height of 1-7/8 inches which makes it so much adjustable in the surrounding environment and produces its effect fully, no matter how small is the size.

Boring bowls or vases filed with wedding flowers can be made attractive and electrifying centerpiece with the help of Floralytes and the lighting provided by it is suitable with the bowls, vases or any of the container that is filled with water. And not only this, these lights are used often for decorating any of the events of any type, especially wedding and can also be used as famous favors for the party.

Floralytes with Flower arrangement
Floralytes with Flower arrangement

Floralytes gives immediate ambience and color when dropped in a glass vase and can be used with any of the design stuff of art lighting like masks, costumes, accent lighting, place settings, silver wire and many more…

One of the properties of these lights which make it different from others is that these lights can be easily submerged in water for providing a beautiful scenario which is just miraculous.

Floralyte II has come up with more of the improved features with the more submerging power and wireless battery operating phenomenon with LED light and attachment of an cord which elastic and removable. This also has a increased life of more than 80 hours.

Some of different types floralytes  comes in the following options:

LED Submersible Floralytes
Floralytes Decorative Accent Lighting
Acolyte FloraLyte II
Orange Standard Disposable Floralyte 
LED Submersible Floralytes White

If floralyte is divided into categories than there comes three varieties which includes Disposable variety that has a light capacity of 48 hours and cannot be turned on when once started and also is the cheapest.

The second one are the Non disposable variety with an on and off switch for saving the life of the battery. The third one is the Submergible which is waterproof as it comes inside a case of plastic which is waterproof. And because of this property, this is generally used with fountains, glasses of champagne, artificial ponds and flower vases with a replaceable battery and on off switch.

Floralytes Decorative Accent Lighting are the most famous and best selling among all of the floralytes as they provides the superfluous vibrant and platinum lightning among all. ‘Submersible Tea Lights’ is the other name provided to floralytes as for reason being its good fitting in the holders of Tea Light.

LED Submergible Lights
LED Submergible Lights

Colors is the basic thing to choose while starting for thinking about the wedding lightning and floralytes gives you a large option for this including red, teal, white, purple, orange, pink, blue, amber, green and last but the most amazing the color changing floralytes.

Some of the floralytes consists of the lightning unit of their own and thus can illuminate anything starting from table settings, ice sculptures, designed props, and of course the arrangements of flowers.

Floralytes are the one of the best option for wedding lighting by using them for the table centerpieces wedding decoration by creating appealing floral decoration with it or any of the events in the affordable and inexpensive prices. What else is wanted by you???

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