Thursday, July 19, 2012

‘Snowflake Candles’ Embellished gift to be used as wedding favor

Make the hearts of your guests of wedding warm and happy and decorate the tables with wonderful souvenir for any of the special occasion with one of the Wedding favorsSNOWFLAKES CANDLES FAVORS.

Snowflakes Candles Favors
Snowflakes Candles Favors
Snowflakes candles crafts a right ambiance by glistening from every table placed in your party or get together or any other kind of celebration, so they will glisten out your guests by providing these as a gift. Snowflakes candles are the perfect choice for pretty light decoration on any of the special occasions.

A brilliant snowflake consists of the a light holder of apparent glass which has a white candle which has been poured inside and contains a base of pearl resin that is ultimately accented with shimmering rhinestones on each point, especially in the center and is may be of a heart shape. A snowman with blue features that are painted on it is used in a detailed style for creating the winter season’s addition in this favor.

The base is generally made up of metal and the upper part is of convoluted metal generally of the size of 2.75 inches in height and 2 inches in the diameter. The snowy votive of glass which includes the poured candle can be easily packaged in a gift box for giving to your guests.

A capricious touch of winter with a grace is provided to the reception tables if used for decorating them with these elegant themed candle holders.

GIVE A MAGICAL WINTERY LOOK! Snowflakes candles are the winter favors that bring the real magic of whether within inside all of us with the magical effect of sparkling and lovely rhinestone candles.

Not only for wedding but this favor is useful in creating it’s magic in the corporate events or winter balls as a ideal favor by decorating any of your event and besides carrying out the wedding theme for the beautiful winter seasons.

These favors can be easily tucked with a place card and used in both of the ways, one for wedding favor and the other one is aiding your guests in finding their respective tables. COOL FAVOR!

Snowflakes candles can be given the name as ‘Charismatic candle favor for wedding’ as these adds a frigid festivity touch to the winter wedding and also the bridal showers if used for those celebrations also.

Your guests will feel heartfelt thanks from your side with a seasonal applauded touch when these candles will shed their soft light and adds to the decoration for their usage after giving these to them as a thank giving favor.

For making these more attractive, these come up in a signature box of Snowman Sentiments Collection with a clear top and a base of blue design of winter. Organza bow of white color can be used to tie up this and for more beautiful heartily Thank You, a ‘Thank You’ tag is attached with it.

At the end of your event, provide your guests with these for lightening their homes including the warm wishes from your side and makes them happy…

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