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African Mehndi Design

African Mehndi is the stuff that is popular for its thorny and knotty designs in the whole of the world and is famous as a top class Mehndi woven on the hands of brides…

African Mehndi Design
African Mehndi Design
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Bridal hands are generally adorned with this Bridal Mehndi with the lovely red tinge not only because it is beautiful art form but good luck charm for wedding couple is believed to be associated with the dark signs of this mehndi.

Different patterns embraces complicated designs of floral patterns or shapes of geometrical shapes which are generally created with the help of tattoos on the hands or feet of the bride and not only this the design can be applied anywhere on the body.

Squares, lines, dots are the simple geometrical patterns drawn under this style of mehndi covering the hands, foot and arms. Learn some GEOMETRY!

African Mehndi Designs have become so much popular among mehndi lovers because this design is different which is divided into two parts. The central part is filled up with shining mehndi along with mascara and for creating a pattern scratch, a thin outline is used.

If the patterns are matched with other ones than there is a lot of similarity between the patterns and designs of Indian Mehndi as both of them includes intricate and multifarious designs with the use of very sharp cones. Being very similar is pattern, African mehndi has its own type of effect and plea.

As the art and craft work in Africa consists of paintings, sculptures and religious images, so is the condition with the mehndi designs which consists of the pots, women and rocks. The people of Africa are involved in following spiritual values and for that they decorate their bodies with African mehndi on the special occasions.

A unique style of painting on the body is developed in these designs for which a bold cone of mehndi is used for creating cuved and straight lines of different shapes and formats are drawn. This produces an image which appeals to the bride most preferably being impressed with the beautiful designs.

The designs are very complicated ones and differ according to the location, taste and festivity and the complicacy depends as per the occasion.

During wedding season, African Mehndi on the Bridal hands as Bridal Mehndi is thought to reflect the values and traditions of the cultures of the family.

African Mehndi for brides is like any is just ornament for the soon to-be-bride and you know the importance of any ornament for a women, especially the bride.

The paste of ammonium compounds along with other corrosives and ashes is applied for turning the mehndi into the blackish shade. Follow the beautiful design with the beautiful shades…

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