Wednesday, July 18, 2012

‘Mexican buffet’ Treat your Wedding Guests with Mexican Tacos

Decorations of lovely lime, aqua, pink and many of the bold colors in Mexican celebrations are matched up with the vivid flavors of the Mexican menu for Wedding.

Mexican Tacos
Mexican Tacos

Among the most famous food of Mexican feast, firstly the number of margaritas, quesadillas, guacamole, fish tacos and salsa comes in the list of Mexican fiestas. 

STARTING WITH THE STARTERS!!! Salsa and tortilla chips or tortilla along with the wraps of tousled egg which are considered to be the essential part of Mexican buffet for the guests are firstly served and should be served warm and freshly prepared. Poached egg, avocado slices, split corns, toast of whole wheat along with slices of avocado tomato are the other brilliant options.

Chips and Salsa
Chips and Salsa
 Fun appetizers for adding some more of the funny taste to the feast and it will provide a way of getting out of being hungry until the dinner. Cheese quesadillas or Queso blanco of jalapeño poppers can be added in this catregory.

Appetizers includes fries of avocado along with the sauce of chipotle, soup with avocado which is yummy with lots of cream and last but not the least, rolls of California sushi .

Mexican Buffet consists of entrees and tacos in which Grilled fish fillets are topped with a papaya and avocado, Roast chicken with sauce of avocado tomatillo and grilled steak, soft flour tortillas with a filling of beef or chicken, crispy corn. Additions of red bell peppers can make them really spicy. 

Soft flour tortillas
Soft flour tortillas

If a large Mexican buffet is to be considered, then it consists of fish tacos, fish like shrimp, crab, cod or halibut along with the condiments like peppers, shredded cheese, tomatoes or lettuce. Some of the crowd and guests pleasures are pork verde enchiladas, chicken and beef. 

Vegetables cannot be considered in the Mexican buffet but vegetables of roasted type are better option to be added as side dish along with tacos. 

Vegetarian guests should be made equally happy, so they can be provided slice vegetables as asparagus, sweet potatoes, cauliflower,  mushrooms, carrots, broccoli, zucchini  along with beans and rice.

For the fabulous ending of the grand event’s buffet, the one and only option you can have is dessert and for this the perfect choice are the cookies, Cheesecake,  Arroz con leche or rice pudding, Panna Cotta , Avocado Ice Cream and fruits in the Mexican style. The tasty and Mexican style cookies of sugar should be prepared at least a day before the wedding day.

Munozitos Mexican and plumparty are some of the reasonable and genuine catering services for the Mexican food services for any wedding.

On a French bread which is already very crusty, if the layers of tomato, slices of avocado, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese are poured, then after grilling it in a sandwich press, it will becomes a scrumptious sandwich and a feast item for your guests. Awesome IDEA!!!

Another option for making of a sandwich for wedding is the spreading of avogado, lettuce which has already been shredded, and sliced turkey on a bread which is multigrain along with pesto mayo.

Margaritas is the best and most probably taken option for the beverages along with milkshakes for the Mexican style of catering services.


The most important quality of Mexican dishes is not only its taste but the healthy ingredients that are used for making of these dishes which are so much healthy that you have not think second time for serving them to kids.

Pinatas, napkins and paper flowers according to Mexican Theme are provided by some of the websites and stores which provides the Mexican Catering Services. So, enjoy the taste and difference of Mexican type of Catering ideas for your going to be successful marriage…

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