Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage ..... ? there has always been a debate about which one is better however the single most important thing for a successful marriage is that the two souls who are going to be tied in the same knot forever should know each other, the thing that can only happen in case of love marriages. While considering this fact and also agreeing with it, some people’s point of view is different as they consider arrange marriages to be long lasting (the number speaks of themselves)

You need not to be a genius to understand that the people who love each other gets generous time for spending with each other and in that time they come to know the nature of each other including likings and dis likings and all the good or bad things and thus they are aware that they can live with each other or not for the rest of their life. In the same scene, the people who do not know each other needs time to understand each other and adjusting with each other and who knows that they will understand or adjust with each other or not in their life. So that's the thing that comes along with the package call "Arrange Marriage"

Compromise is yet another key factor in deciding the success of any marriage and in the case of love marriages, the couples expectations from each other generally do not get fulfilled as they know each other from starting and thus the chances of adjustment after marriage are lesser in this case.So "Love Marriage" also cannot be considered as a perfect way of starting a relationship. 
                                        However in case of arranged marriages, the couple knows that the foundation of their marriage is adjustments and they don’t have any pre defined expectation from each other, so there is not a problem in this case.

While considering Arrange marriage, at the time of any financial crises or in the case if any problem which arises between the two, the couple could easily get help from their parents and relatives as they remain associated with each other in case of arranged marriages. In a different scene, the people with love marriages have to tackle their crises on their own as most of them have been driven out from their home and are not generally associated with them.

If we want to write in one line that the major difference between love marriage and arrange marriage is that "the expectations of the people who have followed love marriages are from their partners while the other people have their expectations from their parents and families".

The decision of marriage in case of arranged marriages is taken by the involvement of all the family members in which the attempt is to match is inspired from many areas including the lifestyle of the families, background, educational opportunities. And the chances of getting a right match increases a lot by considering so many factors. Considering the same thing in case of love marriages, the decision depends on only two persons and how much right their prediction will might be considered as a big risk.

In some of the cases of arranged marriage, the child is being forced by the parents to be bounded in the relationship which they have not liked and was a not from their side. But, they have to marry due to the pressurizing from their parents side.
                                                                                    The result of such a relationship that has been started because forceful implementation of parents or someone else can be predicted as a non-successful one.

There are endless examples of successful and unsuccessful marriages in both arrange and love marriages so, mathematically there is no system or formula available by which one can choose whether a arrange marriage or love marriage needs to be opt for. However it is said that love is something that you can't do forcefully it is something that happens so there is always a possibility that it may never happen for someone because not every one makes a good first impression. Whereas, in case of arrange marriage there are better chances of falling in love after getting married.

When it comes to getting married its not like "which side you are on" its like "which one works for you"

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