Sunday, July 29, 2012

‘Video Projectors’ Share the wedding experiences with all

A way of sharing precious memories of wedding and pre wedding events with the guests on the big screen, showing the journey of the couple up to the point that has come up on the big day is – VIDEO PROJECTORS.

Video Projector for Wedding
Video Projector for Wedding

With the help of this entertaining idea you can make the day larger than life by producing the whole of the scenario of your wedding experiences in a magical effect on the giant projection screens with your guests.

Starting from the Invitation Card to the wedding dress, cake, flowers, ring, favors, dance and everything related to pre wedding occasions or the wedding day itself, everything that you have arranged represents your sentiments and hard slog that you have taken for the wedding. And all this needs special consideration and should be known to each and every people that are related to you and video projectors are the best way of conveying your feelings to all…

Your guests will feel to be welcomed by you from the bottom of your hearts when you will provide them a chance of having a look of all of the precious moments of your life. Not only this, it will also create a romantic and enjoyable mood for all of the guests and they will be pleased about for all the moments shown to them via video or photo medley.

For a large number of people in the marriage, the couple is introduced for the first time together and this is an important point to be considered and should get attention by the guests and video projector is the best option for introducing and taking attention of all of the guests.

In this way, everybody gets introduced with the couple with the medium of the screen and thus becomes familiar to the bride and the groom and they will get special consideration while walking down the aisle…

The packages or the visual purposes for screens of the big plasma or projections should include the following:

Video Projector
Video Projector

Include the hodgepodge of the photos and live video of all of the guests while doing their welcome especially the guests of honor.

Zap shots – The periodical digital pictures of the wedding parties along with their guests including the beautiful moments enjoyed by all and shared by all on the wedding day.      

Live simulcast or Live Video Mixing – Shooting of all the happenings of the day and projecting the live telecast on the screen as they are taking place and you may see yourself on the big screen. ADDS A VOW FACTOR FOR YOU!!

Plasma TV’s are the best option for making the guests become excited and adding a fun factor for them. One giant screen of 10 foot will make your wedding larger than life type and can be viewed almost from every area of the wedding place making it a celebrity event.

LCD projector, Data Projector Hire, AV Hire Packages, Plasma Screen Hire, TV, DVD and VCR Hire, Overhead Projector Hire are the ways of projecting the slideshow and video that have been captured.

Photos starting from the childhood up to engagement and finally to courtship can be selected and compiled for making a slideshow for showing on the day. 

For setting of a tableau, a theme is needed according to which you are going to set up the serial of representation of the pictures of the slide show along with the music on the video projector but it is not necessary. The theme is needed if you want to progressively introduce the moments according to some criteria of your choice like one common theme ‘Through the Years’ in which the video is shown in accordance with the images with time starting from the story of the baby up to the stage of becoming the couple of bride and bridegroom.

For creating a more sentimental approach, a good idea is to start collecting photos of the bride and groom together from all of the pre wedding occasions and also along with their friends and family member together including more of the funny images.

The slideshow can be made for ten to fifteen minutes and should consist of the best photos that will surely be appreciated by the guests and they shouldn’t also get bored.

The best thing about the video projectors is that the guests gets aware of all of the live happenings of the wedding including the listening of all the vows by the couple which is not possible without video projector.

The whole of the occasion of your wedding can be made personalized for you and your guests, so that the magic of your special moments can be shared with all…

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