Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bridal Shower Favors

Bridal shower is way of taking wishes and blessings of your loved ones which you will remember ever in your future life. And on such a beautiful occasion you should also give a thank in your own style with a favor giving them a memory from your side…

                                                         More beautiful wedding favors

The favor need not to be very extravagant but should represent your feelings to all of your guests and should also be given in a different style.

One of the best ideas for ladies is to provide them choices among the beauty bars that have remained an ever green idea for them. For this you have to make arrangements for lip glosses, moisturizers, mini nail polishes and all other makeup stuff and fill them inside the setup jars.

Beauty Bar Favors
Beauty Bar Favors

Scoops for Ice-creams and bar for toppings are among the choices for the guests that are fond of ice creams… the condition with most of us… Captain crunch, chocolate chips or sprinkles of rainbows are the most popular toppings that can be given.
Now the turn of the guests which are environment friendly and for them there is a wonderful option is creating of a beautiful garden of herb that can be taken by them to their home. For this, collect herbs like mint or basil from a nursery, and recipe signature can be attached to each of the herb for making it more attractive.

Fortune cookies is the another good option that will surely be liked by your guests and the cookies can be made fortune telling by inserting funny notes for their fortunes inside them regarding this as the cookie is being dipped in the chocolate for giving it a final touch. 

Fortune Cookies
Fortune Cookies

One more item of cookies can be prepared as the bridal shower favor and that is the packing of the home made cookies in the bags of cellophane. Also attach the recipe along with the cookie cutter with the help of ribbon making it as a perfect treat of personalized one…

CD containing a mixture of your favorite songs can be made with the help of getting ready ladies songs like Madonna, Go-Gos, Gwen Stefani including a mixture of old and new songs.

There are a lot more option from which you may have a choice like Mini Purse Shaped Manicure Sets, Diamond Ring Keychain Favor, Damask Glass Tealight Holders, Good Wishes Glass Photo Coasters, Personalized Jelly Belly Tins, Individual Towel Cakes, Whisked Away Heart Whisks.

The mother of the bride or the host of the celebration may give the favor to the guests but it will be more favorable and admired if the bride thank the guests by giving the favors herself…

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