Monday, August 6, 2012

Guerilla Gourmet Wedding Catering Services

For providing one of delicious cuisine, wherever you want and whenever you want for sweetening out your wedding celebrations, one of the best services providers is ‘Guerilla Gourmet’.

Professional chefs are available for making of the handpicked and handmade food for making your guests happy and giving them a memory of a tasteful food. Kitchen of Michelin star are also in bounded for bringing the straight food from there with all other options, no matter whether your wedding is being organized in home or in a field.

Consultation for menus and the selection of other related items including the selection of table ware, linen, or crockery is provided and the set up is finally taken away for providing you the ease.

Cheese, wine, meat, fish, and all other related specks are provided to provide and make the delicious feast. Safety, health and standards are the other things that comes under important consideration for Guerilla Gourmet.

Smoked cheese of cheddar or the sugar bear, avocado, bacon, spinach, slowly caramelized onion with whiskey, prosciutto, cheese of smoked bleu variety, cream cheese of soy wasabi, asian slaw and cucumber makes an bizarre combination of the cheese sandwiches which is one of the specialty of Guerilla Gourmet.

Coming on the professional staff, if you need the food of the level of world class, then you need a staff that is capable of making of such a great food and Guerilla Gourmet is the option that comes with a large number of experienced and creative staff not only for making the food but also for delivering and impressing your guests. Two in one BENEFIT!

Even the chefs represent their panache from the famous restaurants of Manhattan to Mayfair that is harbored by the core of the house. Or we can say the backbone of the house or wedding catering services.

Getting out next to the suppliers, the main stress by Guerilla Gourmet has been given on the freshness of the course, organics, trade that is fair and sustainability from their side.

One more secret of Guerilla Gourmet is that the chefs and consultants have different cookery experiences as they have different geographical backgrounds, so they are famous for their varieties of wedding feast.

All the clients including the high profile ones are provided with the hassle free business solutions for the catering services for wedding celebrations...

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