Monday, August 6, 2012

‘Prelude Songs’ Welcome your guests…

Prelude is a portion of music which is of short type and these portions generally vary from one form to another and thus the overall expression can be regarded as a preface. 

The thing which makes them perfect for using them in welcoming of the guests is that prelude consists of the motifs of harmonious and rhythmic type. It seems to be just like as if we are applying the introduction of the opera through the instrumental form making the large composition of music.

Some of the slow and sweet songs are included in the prelude for entertaining your guests as this is played at the time of assembling of the guests when they are preparing themselves for being sitting before the wedding party starts the wedding ceremony. And for starting the ceremony, some best choices would be:
Angels Watching by The O’Neill Brothers
Lifehouse by You And Me
Falling in Love by The O’Neill Brothers
Annie’s Song by John Denver
Arioso by J.S. Bach
Regina Spektor by Real Love
Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley           
Air on a G String by J.S. Bach
Imagine by John Lennon      
Forrest Gump Main Theme by from Forrest Gump  
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by from The Wizard of Oz       

More of the songs can be searched from ‘Our Wedding Songs’,'Soundtrack Studio', 'Project Wedding'. These songs are necessary for setting up of the tone of the wedding or ceremony and for setting that the most popular are the jazz or classical ones and are generally played.

One of the beautiful thought is to think of the prelude song as the beginning or opening of a romantic play. Prelude songs may be of the contemporary type, classic types, jazz type and many other types but these three are the most famous.

Prelude songs are enough for keeping for your guests enjoying and sets the appropriate mood for the proper celebrations…

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