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Destination Weddings

If you don’t want to follow the traditional style of wedding and want something extra that will add excitement and delight for you and your guests, then you have may go for one of the great option of Destination Wedding.

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

Destination Wedding

And if you are going for this wedding idea, then surely you will need some of the following things to follow:

Save The Dates Cards 

Save The Dates Cards

Your guests needs full notification of the thing that you are not going to celebrate your wedding by the customary way but a newer one and that can be done with the help of Save The Date notifications. This will help them to plan accordingly for their preparation to go for the real wedding.

Wedding Invitations

Your wedding Invitation must include the information of the venue, date, travel and wedding reception to be viewed by your guests as this will create the real excitement by knowing the place for the wedding.

If you are planning for the Cuban or Dominican destinations for your wedding, then you may have the additional choice of roller cigars with traditional matches for impressing you guests.

Some of the local finesse can be provided for entertainment at the time of rehearsal dinner or wedding reception to your guests.  
Welcome Letter

For greeting your guests and informing them all of the weekend events, you may provide a welcome letter in their rooms which can be given as a type of travelling brochure.

One of the nicest picture of the destination of the wedding can be putted on the front of the letter and the timings, day and venue for all the pre wedding events and for the wedding ceremony can be embossed inside it.

Wedding Favors

Destination Wedding

You should make arrangements for some kind of wedding favors for thanking your guests at the time of arrival as they have travelled a lot to be there for you on the special day. You may have a choice of the totes or welcome bags and add some kind of local treat like the liquor bottles or candies for them which will also be needed by them for the beach if that is being included in your adventure.

Wedding Ceremony

One of the fantastic idea to be followed by your brides maid is to have the sun shades of the colors matching with your wedding dress with them while walking down with the bride against the wedding bouquets that will give a different effect.

In place of using the customary ring pillows, you may go for a ring holder carrying a big sea shell of dollars of sands, star fish, etc.

Wedding Reception

Destination Wedding

When your guests will arrive for the wedding reception, they may look for Escort cards first that if included will made the first impression with a little detail.

Now when it comes to be the turn of the table numbers, you may go for taking the pictures holding the numbers of the tables and after framing them, they can be easily placed on the tables. Just another of my favorite ideas…

Flip-flops can be chosen for placing along with sign of “Dancing Place” or any other sign of your choice seeming to direct the guests for hitting the dance floor.

A lot of enjoyment and wedding decoration can be added to the reception on pool-side by making the arrangements of fountains of floating type which rhyme like the wedding music accordingly. 

Beach Wedding Guest Book

You may get completed a guest book with the wishing of all of your guests for making it a touching moment for them also. For this, you have to go for buying a instax camera with the help of which, the guests can easily take any of the photos which can be get in the prepared form within few seconds after which they can be inserted in the guest book along with their wishes.

Thank You Cards

The wedding has not been over till now and here comes the time for giving a big thank to all of your guests for being there with you in your way of destination weddings. The best wedding idea for this is to provide them with a type of photo book containing the whole of the story for the wedding with the help of all the traveling and wedding moments captured by your camera with them…

At last, after making your final decision of a destination wedding, the destination can be easily chosen with the help of World Wide Travel Partners,, Worldwide Group Travel LLC & Events.

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