Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Save The Date Wedding Invitation Cards

To let your guests know the actual date of your wedding immediately after being finalizing it, Save The Date Wedding Invitation Cards have now a day’s become common among other things. 

Save The Date

Sending of these Cards is not essential as you have to send the actual Invitation Cards after sending it but this has become a fashion especially if you are opting for a Destination Wedding for letting them inform the date in advance so that they may prepare themselves from all the ways…   

One of the casual things to note is to match the Save The Dates Cards as according to the Wedding Theme or we can say your personality. After it’s your wedding and whatever you wish should be completed!

Save The Date Invitation Cards can be considered to be the pre invitation cards or mailing which is a far better way of announcing the date of your wedding and inviting them for the fĂȘte on official basis. 

This greatest advantage of this effort is to get ensured to a greater extent about the thing that your entire special guests whom you wanted to be present on your wedding day should be there with you.

Save The Dates for Destination Weddings

You should send Save The Dates for destination weddings and the weddings that are three day weekends long, both of the concept that have become more common now a days.

The timing that you may choose for sending these cards to your guests should be around six months prior to the wedding date. All this will help the guests for making arrangements for the traveling, saving a bit of money and taking holidays from their offices. Quiet a smart move!!!

Save The Date Wedding Invitation Cards

Save The Date Wedding Invitation Card

Save The Date Wedding Invitation

Wedding Ideas for the Save The Dates Wedding Invitation Cards

•    You may follow rolling up your document and tying it with a tiny cord and putting that message in a bottle by further adding sea shells and some of the sand along with it.

•    From the point of view of winter destination wedding, you may select for snow globes of custom type along with photo of the couple and other details.

•    You may choose up of taking up the photos of you and your partner right after the engagement and use that snapshot for the Save The Date Wedding Invitation Cards till the time you get married.

•    For creating an exclusive suite of inviting your guests, digital printing and letter press can be mixed up with some of the motifs of geometry along with a variety of colors for making it a fun element for the readers. Moreover, customized calligraphy and a personalize touch can be added for completing the suite.

•    A CD of the dancing couple can be made to be given along with the Save The Date Cards along with the favorite cartoons of the choice of the bride and the groom.

•    A Love Note can be given showing the date of the wedding which can be folded up for hiding the details and putting that in a envelope for making it something of furtive type. This will add a quixotic and romantic effect in your way and the guests have to open out the secret envelope for seeing the love note which makes it interesting.

One of the last but not least thing about the Save The Date Wedding Invitation Cards is that they are considered as a funny part that should not have to be formal, so you may design it in your own style for adding this in your style of wedding collections.

If you are interested in this Idea of Save The Date Cards, then you may order one for you from Invitation Crush and you will be welcomed again for more of the wedding ideas on our wedding blog.

Make the whole scene or experience pleasant and enjoyable for all and add all these in your memories by sharing something special about you with all of your family, friends and dear ones… 

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